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Why change?

This is a question to which some answer "it is useless!" ". If we want to … but if we take a look at how life works, we quickly realize that change is an integral part of it.

To answer the question: "Why change? "; imagine that you kept your 7 year old body until today that they are all the things that you could not have done with this body? I believe that this image is strong enough to make you understand that change is not only necessary but that it is an integral part of life.

Change is everywhere around us in nature, in our body, in society, in technology … To refuse it is to refuse to evolve, to grow … it is to refuse the flow of life, and when we stop the current is often where the problems begin. Let's draw a parallel between life and the river. When we refuse to let the current flow, we then pile up pieces of wood which against each other form a dam.

The bits of wood represent the small problems of life, the illusions and the dam all these problems which form a most complex situation. However when the current is braked, sooner or later it intensifies and the barrage of pieces of wood ends up dropping and it is not done smoothly.

Do you really want to build this barrage of problems and illusions, and to build your life on a ground which will be finally flooded when the current will have taken again its rights and its natural course?

Changing is never as dramatic as you think, often our fears make us imagine a picture very different from that of reality. It is obvious that not all changes are easy to live with, that is a certainty, however that does not mean that we must avoid them because this is where greater suffering is hidden.

Now the important thing is to understand that accepting that change is part of life is the first step to avoid building on illusions. What helps afterwards is to grasp the importance of respecting oneself because very often we accept situations to please others and we forget ourselves and this is how we start to block the current with twigs which will end by piling up.

The last thing that keeps you going is to trust yourself in the decisions you make, trust your intuition. So leave your doubts aside and embark on the boat of life with joy because beautiful things await you.

See you soon.

Nadia Marty

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