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How to radically change your life without being afraid of losing everything? How do I know that it's the right time for me to evolve towards my desires and change my daily life? What are the parameters to take into account to successfully take control of your personal life?

I meet many people in coaching who are afraid to follow their dreams, probably for lack of personal confidence but especially for fear of emptiness.

In his book "influences and manipulation" the famous American psychologist Robert Cialdini evokes the fear of losing as one of the most important blockages of the human being.

If you have questions and want to change your life, I will be very happy to answer you in the comments.

Why radically change your life?

Most of the men and women I accompany are in a situation of doubt because they know that their daily life does not really correspond to their expectations.

The human being is designed to grow, evolve and gain experience. This is how when you have the sensation of stagnation, you do everything to move forward. For example if with your partner you find yourself in a routine, you will consider ending your story because you will not have the feeling to move forward and live positive.

Radical change of life occurs when you feel you are not growing anymore.

Why is fear part of your daily life?

From this moment one could think that it is then very simple to make the big jump and to trust each other. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone and fear can invade you.

It is there to protect you at first from failure but it especially tends to prevent you from becoming the person you want to be. To help you control your emotions, the Personal Success Team has analyzed all the factors that can lead to a radical life change.

Anxiety and agitation

These two feelings are often the first signs of life change daily. Indeed, a change is often accompanied by constant stimulation of emotions, which puts us in a state of stress. And one by one, we find ourselves restless and anxious. While this may cause some discomfort, anxiety and restlessness may be a good sign, if you take into account that these feelings may manifest themselves in a decisive change in your life, so they will put you smart hear.

The intensity of dreams

There is a moment in our life when we start making totally strange and incomprehensible dreams. It is, in fact, the work of the subconscious that perceives the change in our life and tries to assimilate all the information related to it. These moments should stop once you become accustomed and completely adapted to your new life.

The intensity of sorrow

The intense grief is the sign of a radical change of your life, in the event of a significant loss that you find it hard to bear. It is quite natural to feel downcast or completely lost at first, but over time you will still have to get up again. Your life will change, of course, but that does not mean that it will not be better.

The questioning of your relations

This feeling is one of the most harmful in life because the consequences could be catastrophic if decisions are made hastily. Indeed, when we experience a change in our life, we tend to believe that it would affect our friendship with others, we then lock on ourselves. However, it is a big mistake because we could lose forever the people we will need all our lives.

The desire to relive in the past

Infallible sign of a change in the process, wanting to relive experiences, lifestyle or feeling things from the past can cause a great depression. You have to understand change, see the good side of things to get ahead.

The fear of the future

Seeing your life upset, losing your bearings can lead to questions about the future. There is no harm in asking what awaits us, only, it will always remain a mystery, a surprise. Instead, it would be better to take advantage of this life and make sure it is suitable.

The confrontation

Looking for confrontation can mean that you are going through a change. Indeed, it is not always easy to achieve a goal, which leads to want to fight to get there. If you experience it then you will soon see something new in your life if you continue in that direction.


Feeling alone in the world also suggests that you are undergoing a major change in your daily life. As this is a really important event, you are the only one really concerned, and you say that no one else can understand what is really happening to you. You will then have that feeling of loneliness that will have to be overcome by keeping your head up in every situation.

The next time you experience one of these feelings in your life, be prepared for it as it could be a turning point in your life at stake.

These emotions can upset you but they announce especially a real desire of change of life and happiness.

What will you change from now on in your daily life to take your dreams in hand?

Feel free to leave us your opinions and actions in the comments. I wish you a very good change of life for you to pursue your dreams and your deep desires!


Alexandre CORMONT, your coach in personal development.

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