Why leave her and how to get out?

Comfort zone

What is the comfort zone?

The daily is pleasant because nothing surprises us anymore. Everything is familiar and comfortable. We know in advance our habits and our routines. We feel safe and even sometimes trapped by our comfort. It allows us however to act automatically, naturally and without anxiety in the everyday world. We are in our comfort zone and the idea of ​​leaving it seems dangerous to us. This zone represents all of our know-how and our assets on which we rely. Everyone has their own comfort zone.

Why leave the comfort zone?

We can dream about what we want to do where we can be, but that is useless if we do not do everything to make it happen. Getting out of your comfort zone means crossing the learning zone and conquering the panic zone. And that in order to broaden our vision of the world, but also to change our habits.

But getting out of your comfort zone also allows you to expand and grow. However, nothing prevents you from returning from time to time! Getting out of your comfort zone is essential to live a rich and fulfilling life that allows you to develop new abilities and even to challenge yourself.

How to get out of the comfort zone?

To get out of this area, you have to believe in yourself, work hard and be able to sacrifice yourself. We must therefore fight between the emotional tension, which draws us to the comfort zone, and the tension of creation, which wants us to go out and go outward. In order to give another vision to one's life and to be able to set new goals, one must know how to manage one's fears and accept defeat and shame. But we must also maintain confidence in its objectives, remained persevering and positive in order to have the joy that drives us to pursue our dreams.

But if you have the idea or the desire to leave your comfort zone, there are certain rules to respect. In order to get out of your comfort zone, you first have to identify it in order to get out gradually. The easiest way is to start with daily actions, but in different ways. This allows you to have another vision on activities yet simple and allows you to get used to facing the unexpected and the unexpected. To see things even more distant, it is possible to set up challenges that will allow you to go beyond your limits.

You can set up the challenge you want, as long as it allows you to face your fears and limitations. It is important to question this at the end of each challenge and it will allow you to see that the difficulties are not always where you expected them. As a bonus, who says out of his comfort zone, also means to acquire new experiences. This will allow you to make new experiences, expand your opinion and discover various interests. Expanding your skills will also help you build confidence and push yourself to get out of your comfort zone even more. But the best way to get out of your comfort zone is to expand your social circle. By meeting new people, you can get out of your routine. For that, prefer people that you do not have the habit of rubbing shoulders with. This will allow you to discover new ways of thinking and living.

It's now up to you to get out of your comfort zone if you want to discover the benefits of personal development!

And as a bonus, a little video in French that lasts a little less than 8 minutes!

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