Why don't we take an example from children?

Take example from children

If we look at the people who have the most fun on Earth, it is children and more particularly young children.
If you've ever hugged a baby, you know how these little creatures feel indescribable bliss. We would like to swallow them whole.

They exude innocence, a frequency not tinged with doubt, worry, stress or remorse. They have neither thought nor memory. They only have their connection to the present.

If you really want a life of magic, you have to find the mental age of a 4 year old child. Without worrying about what your neighbors are going to think about it, you have to rediscover in yourself this spontaneity, this joy of the present moment.

Jesus said: "Let the little children come to me because the kingdom of heaven is theirs."
Notice that he said "is" and not "will" to them. The kingdom of heaven is accessible here on Earth. It is open to those who are like children or rather to those who have the same thoughts as a child.

Do you know a lot of 4-year-olds who make provisions for the next day or who contribute to a pension fund? Do they express remorse at doing nonsense like spilling a glass of water?

Spontaneously, they experience the only thing that can be experienced: The Present. The past and the future have no meaning for them, until we "intelligent adults" pass on these stupidities to them. Stupid things like: "Go to bed, you have school tomorrow!"
We tell them to sleep more while they are awake and full of energy, just to get rid of them because of the fatigue we have accumulated. In fact, we ask them to sleep for us. Where is the consistency ?

What do you think is going on in the mind of a child who is told not to listen to what his body is feeling but to trust the unwarranted authority of the parents?
He learns to live in a concept world instead of living in the real world.
He learns to spend his days like we do to regret the past or plan for the future.
He learns concepts like “yesterday” and “tomorrow”.

That said, they still have the gift of surprising us easily with relevant questions such as: “Dad, why do I have to go to bed because mom is tired? "

Take time to meditate on all this 😉

Romeo Barbé,
Professional coach specializing in positive psychology

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