Why can changing our language make us change?

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Why can changing your language change you?

A few years ago, I discovered the 4 Toltec chords of Don Miguel Ruiz who helped me to realize the importance of speech. The 1st chord speaks of impeccable speech, it tells us that the language we have with others or with ourselves can totally change our life.

Yes, yes, you will say to me … I am a little like Saint-Thomas, I tested and honestly yes that completely changes the deal.
To begin with, I stopped saying bad things about myself or making fun of myself and I noticed that as I judged less and less. Then I stopped swearing wrong and through, and then noticed that around me it's a bad habit that many of us have. And the hardest part of all of this is not what I just said for myself was to stop swearing against myself.

At that time in my life, I started to say audibly to myself when I insulted or belittled myself. And at the end of the day, I was surprised to find that I was spending a lot of time in the end. The longer I maintained this exercise over time, the less I spoke to myself this way. Until the day when the language which I used with myself became positive. Well believe it or not, my life has changed. I allowed myself to take vacations, do training, give me gifts …
Obviously it does not happen overnight and I still happen to switch to the dark side but as soon as I pay attention again to my speech, my language towards myself and towards others, doors open, new opportunities appear, positive people enter my life…

I'll give you another example. During a work day, a few years ago, a co-worker insulted me, I could have chosen to answer her in the same way or possibly stick a line to her but I chose to hold me back and make it something. This person used a lot of insults to wrong and through about these colleagues, life, herself … I just took the time to point out without judgment and aside when she insulted a colleague his behavior saying "do you want me to catch up with someone so you can repeat what you just said about them?" "Without carrying out what I said, I gave her time to think … So a few weeks later, she no longer insulted her colleagues.
However I noticed then that she spent a lot of time insulting herself. I then changed my way of proceeding by emphasizing the way she spoke to herself and as the weeks went by she stopped insulting herself. To my surprise a few weeks later, she told another colleague when he had just insulted himself that he shouldn't be talking like that.

See how paying attention to what we say directly influences our behavior and here I have only presented a few examples to you, imagine how changing your inner dialogue can help you achieve your best dreams because you will regain confidence. And yes you will have more time for it because you will spend less to whip yourself with your word.

Wishing you to realize the significance of words!

Nadia Marty

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