What is success?

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Our society brings success to the skies, many people run after success.

But in fact what is success?

In my life, I have seen people that our society considers as successful people (a good career, a nice car, a nice house …) who have confessed to me that they have not succeeded in their lives.

How do you get it right? For my part between what I saw and what I experienced, I understood that the success which we run after is not the real success. And yes the material success which our society praises, ultimately has little to do with real success.

From my experience, I can tell you that the day I thought I had succeeded, I realized when I got the job I wanted and although I had not succeeded, I had become someone 'other than me. It was difficult for me to admit that I was not happy.

Indeed, when we spend a lot of time chasing after something and finally get it, it is often difficult to admit that we have run after the wrong horse. Let's be honest for a moment, succeeding materially is certainly interesting on some levels but that things are clear it does not ensure that you are happy and yourself.

From experience, I know that a deep feeling of success settles in me when I am myself in my actions and this is even associated with a feeling of fullness which rarely has to do with a material good, another person or a social position.

Success is both a state of being and actions in symbiosis with this state of being. Success is when you do what you are. I could try to describe it to you in a thousand ways, but the one I choose is simple: when you succeed, you don't think you will succeed, you simply ARE. It is obvious that this is not as glamorous or selling as a beautiful house with a swimming pool, or even not selling at all. And yes when it is a state of being, it has nothing to do with money because it cannot be bought, it can be lived.

The best advice I can give to go towards your success: drop your masks and do what you love!

All my best wishes for success.

For those who want to learn more about success and how to achieve it, here is an excellent book on the subject:

Success Book

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