What are the first steps of self-realization?

So many people live in a prison that they have created themselves. It is now time to leave!

I have the great pleasure to present you in this page the introduction of my book Unlimited growth.

What are the first steps of self-realization? -

The world has a small number of people who are really happy with their lives and a lot of people who are not.

Imagine that we can distribute this satisfaction equitably among all the inhabitants of the earth.

What would happen after a few years?

People who were satisfied with their lives would be even more satisfied and those who were not satisfied before this distribution would no longer be satisfied.

Why would this happen?

Simply because people who are satisfied with the existence they lead have learned to prioritize their self-realization.

And this is true in business, in the arts, in relationships, in short, in all human activities.

These people have in common that they have focused on improving their lives.

They are active and do not wait for miracles to happen or win the lottery.

These people understood that to succeed, they had to rely on themselves and not on others, luck, government or a miracle …

This book is here to help you chart the path to your personal success.

Give a (big) boost to the "law of attraction" (who needs it) …

In recent years, we have witnessed a craze for what is known as the "law of attraction," which states that we can get what we want if we are convinced of it.

The success of the book The secret Rhonda Byrne illustrates how much we are interested in improving our lives.

Supporters of the law of attraction speak a lot of positive thinking, which is very interesting, but they often fail to talk about concrete attitudes to adopt to get what we want.

To be honest, I find that this famous "Secret" puts forward a form of magical thinking perfect to hope for, but very little useful to really get something …

A good plan to experience disappointments …

My approach is in a way the opposite of the Secret.

Rather than passively waiting for the "magic of the universe" to give you everything you want, you will learn what you can do to get what you want.

My book Unlimited growth therefore does not have a transcendent "spiritual" content.

It is concrete, practical, useful, but hides nevertheless an important principle that you will learn to discover over its pages … 😉

Losing the sense of slavery …

Do you really get what you deserve in your life?

Many people today are unhappy because they are not getting the results they are hoping for.

Yet they work hard, very strong even!

What happens then?

Let me ask you a question.

Do you enjoy your work and your activities?

Often, the problem is not the amount of effort you put into it, but the way you do it and the means you use to get results.

Have you noticed how easy it is to follow the flow and forget that you have dreams and aspirations:

  • The consumer society convinces us to buy all kinds of things, so we buy them …
  • The others convince us that we have to do this and that thing to have value and to be happy, so we do it …

Gradually, we abdicate to exercise our responsibility over our lives.

We are gradually becoming slaves to others, events, our work, our debts …

Still, you still have dreams.

Your life is probably dissatisfied in some ways.

You may be wondering "How would my life be if I had done this or that? "

If so, here is a very good news: you can free yourself from the strings to which you have attached yourself without knowing it.

And unleash your full potential of self-realization!

In you hides the potential to achieve what you want to do. It only remains for you to discover where this potential hides and to use it.

More than two millennia ago, the Greek philosopher Archimedes, and a scientist before the letter, said: "Give me a lever and I will raise the world".

This book will provide you with the tools to make your life a lever that will allow you to achieve the results you desire.

This lever corresponds to unlimited growth.

And what does it consist of?

The unlimited growth is the the principle that when you apply certain strategies through a vision of continuous personal improvement, the results you get begin to grow steadily and exponentially.

It's the quality of your decisions and actions that ultimately determines the quality of your life.

The sooner you decide to improve things and the faster you will get the results that will make the difference for the rest of your days.

There is no limit to the improvements you can make and the actions you can take.

The improvement you will bring to your life is, therefore, unlimited.

This lack of limits is of course an image, but a motivating image, do not you think?

Here are some examples of what you will get if you apply the contents of my book the Unlimited growth to your life:

  • You will get more results for the same amount of effort, and as much satisfaction!
  • You will make sure that your efforts are going in the right direction, to find you where you really want in a few years.
  • Since you will get more results with the same amount of work, your stress level will decrease.
  • You will realize yourself, because you will be able to devote your new free time to satisfying activities, such as taking care of your family.

Too many people bring work home and are convinced that if they take rest and leisure time, they will fall behind.

And they are too often right …

The purpose of my book is to help you break the cycle of this life too fast to belong to you again.

By prioritizing and being more effective, you will get more results with less effort, which will help you build a healthier living environment and achieve more.

Increase your results while increasing your free time

Does the subtitle above seem unrealistic to you?

If you believe that increasing your results and your free time is not possible, it's time to change your vision!

Unlimited growth shows that success is not incompatible with relaxation, if you take the trouble to change your habits a little bit.

Most people do not have enough time for activities that are really important in their lives.

Here is a little story that illustrates this situation.

A little girl asks her mother, "Mom, why does not daddy play with me tonight? ". His mother says, "Your father has to do a lot of work to make a lot of money. "But then, do you think I could use the one hundred dollars of my pocket money I picked up for weeks to pay Pa to play with me?" "

It is also disappointing to see how much of the time we devote to our work provides little results.

We often waste our time through futile activities and the poor management of our activities makes us fall behind without our even noticing.

Fortunately, you have the power to change all this.

Your ability to adopt the most effective methods I will offer in my book is the key that will free you and allow you to devote more time to the activities that matter to you.

For that, I would like you to imagine me as your friend and your personal adviser.

With each sentence you read, imagine my enthusiasm for your success!

I will show you how much more you can get from your job and most importantly how to make sure your efforts have the results you deserve.

One of the tragedies that prevents people from realizing themselves is the fact that they place a great deal of importance on unimportant concerns that do not make a positive difference to their lives.

Here is one of the first and most important questions you need to learn to ask as often as possible:

  • What is the most constructive use I can make of my time and efforts (today, this week, this year, etc.)?

It's about focusing on what's really important that makes all the difference.

It is by applying the strategies that I reveal to you in my book that I have completely changed my life and my way of perceiving myself.

I also started to get great results.

Here are the different areas we will be working on during this wonderful journey to make your life a real success (according to your criteria):

Your vision and your values

  • How do you see your life?
  • What's important about what you know about yourself?
  • What is the horizon of meaning that nourishes your convictions and motivates your actions?
  • If your life could be perfect, what would it look like?

Your knowledge and skills

  • What are your strengths?
  • What particular skills will transform your life, your work and allow you to fulfill yourself?

Your goals

  • What are the goals that nourish your vision?
  • What goals will make your dreams come true?

Ways to achieve your daily activities (your actions)

  • In which activities do you invest your precious time every day?
  • Do these activities allow you to get closer to your goals or, on the contrary, do they distance you from them?
  • What specific actions can you take to start now to nurture your unlimited growth?

Are you ready to start?

1 – 2 – 3, go!

If you liked this article, know that it is from my book Unlimited growth. You can get it in ebook version to read it in full.

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