TV when turned on and a work of art when turned off

Samsung launches The Frame TV in Brazil

TV when turned on is a work of art when turned off, an innovative product hits the market to renew the perception of technology and art. Araquém Alcântara will be the first Brazilian to be part of the artists' hall and exhibit his photographs on TV

More than 2 years ago Samsung began to question why there were so many TVs with black screens, turned off, in the home of consumers all over the world. The result of detailed studies and considering all of Samsung's innovative DNA, The Frame TV arrives in the Brazilian market with a completely new concept, which expands the standard usability of a television into a concept of artwork, which displays paintings and photographs of artists renowned from around the world.

THE The Frame TV it is not limited to the functions of all TV: in addition to showing films, series and programs, it is also an object of decoration and art, offering a sophisticated air to the environment. When turned on, the TV transmits high quality images, with true 4K resolution and Premium HDR. When turned off, The Frame TV activates “art mode” and literally turns into a customizable picture, with internationally recognized paintings and photographs, or personal photos of the user. A product that arrives to bring life to the environment and, like a painting, is an inspiring factor for home decoration.

There are three modalities within The Frame TV's “Art mode”: Samsung Collection delivers 100 works of art already loaded on TV. The consumer chooses from 100 digital pieces divided into 10 different categories – landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, design, among others.

THE The Frame Store it is one of the great highlights of the “art mode”. It is a virtual store in which the consumer can purchase renowned paintings, such as the works of Monet or Kandisnky, from classic to contemporary. The process works with two payment methods: purchase of à la carte pieces (R $ 66.00) per piece and or through monthly subscription ** (R $ 16.00). Soon, photographer Araquém Alcântara will be the first Brazilian to be part of this list of international artists from the store, making some of his art available to owners of The Frame TV worldwide.

Araquém Alcântara, who completes 50 years of career, was the first photographer to document all national parks in Brazil. His book “Terra Brasil” became the best-selling photography publication in the country. Its vast production includes 50 books on environmental themes, 22 books co-authored, 75 individual exhibitions, 32 national awards and 5 international awards.

Still as an art option for the consumer, The Frame TV brings the My collection, which allows the display of the consumer's personal photos as a frame and even offers the possibility to customize them through the smartphone, using the Smart View app. There are six layout options and 10 color options to frame your personal photos and

give art gallery decent treatment.

“Samsung is committed to offering consumers the most modern and innovative products. The Frame TV is a good example of how unique design, coupled with technology can redefine the future of home entertainment. We were able to inaugurate a new era of television and still refine any environment by enhancing the decoration of the house ”, highlights Gustavo Assunção, Vice President of the Consumer Electronics division at Samsung Brazil.


The Frame TV has two smart sensors: the lighting sensor, it detects the ambient light and adjusts the TV's brightness and color settings making the artworks really look like a painting. The motion sensor,automatically turns the screen on or off, identifying the presence of people in the environment and saving energy.

Installation and Accessories

The Frame TV has customizable photo frames that fit easily on TV and decor in any room. The frames will be sold separately and in three color options: wood, light wood and white. For limited time and stocks * there will be a promotion of a free customizable frame when purchasing a The Frame TV.

THE Invisible Connection it's the wall support No Gap ***, which already come in the TV box, create the perfect frame effect. The exclusive No Gap support allows the TV to be installed with almost no wall space and within 15 minutes. The Invisible Connection is an optical cable of 5 meters, almost transparent, that connects The Frame TV with other devices through One Connect, eliminating the cable clutter and exposing only the artwork of The Frame TV.

The accessories sold separately for The Frame TV are the 15 meter invisible cable, which allows you to extend the TV distance from other devices and the exclusive Studio base, both also available for the new category of QLED TVs.


In addition to being a work of art when turned off, The Frame TV is a 4K UHD TV with HDR Premium and single remote control. Samsung guarantees the best of UHD technology, with RGB panels, color fidelity without white sub-pixel and certification from the main international associations in the sector. HDR Premium technology allows you to view all the details, even in very light or dark scenes. Through single remote control the consumer can control all devices connected to The Frame TV.

Pricing and Availability

The 55-inch The Frame TV (UN55LS003AGXZD) is available exclusively at the Fast Shop for the suggested price of R $ 8,999.00. Customizable frames¹, in white, wood and light wood are sold separately and cost R $ 899.00 each.

The optional 15-meter optical cable costs R $ 899.00 and the Studio base R $ 2,749.00.

* Promotion subject to stock availability, encompassing the three available frame models, according to the store offer consulted

** No limit on access to the works available in the catalog, upon validity of the subscription

*** The space between the wall and the TV may vary depending on the installation of the accessory

¹Accessories are sold exclusively at the Fast Shop

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