To heal a mind that over-analyzes while living the present moment

Beliefs and mind that on analysis

Whether it's professional or personal, we've all had a problem, and when that happens, we'd all like the strength and the courage to take a positive attitude.

However, as we begin to ask questions, analyze tooth and nail what is happening, we quickly lose control. A situation that was simple at first then becomes complex, submerging us in doubt and the inability to remain optimistic.

As Roosevelt said, "the only limit to our future growth will be our doubts today." This quote, full of meaning, tells us that our fears and doubts prevent us from moving forward, from crossing the obstacles that arise.

When this is the case, it is difficult to bond with those around you because the spirit of oversanalysis will always lead to doubts, anxieties. Sometimes it can lead to depression or the desire to isolate oneself. How to overcome this?

Do not try to control everything, live in the present

The first step towards healing leads to accepting that you do not have the power to control everything that is going on around you. Indeed, change is inevitable.

Often, asking yourself too many questions will end up raising doubts, and a feeling of guilt if your project, or your life does not follow the turn you were hoping for. When you adopt this attitude, it will inevitably lead to remorse. Indeed, you will invent scenarios by convincing you that you will succeed in finding the flaw: the one that made you fail.

So you should learn to focus on what you can manage, and live in the present. There is no point in rehashing the mistakes of the past. Accepting that the world does not turn according to your desires will certainly lead you to your personal fulfillment.

Cultivate your psycho

Make time for yourself. Take some time to relax, so you can channel your negative energies. You will learn to see deep inside yourself and control your anxiety attacks. Meditation is the most favorable activity and the most recommended for self-recognition.

Indeed, as Boise said: "The mind, like the body, has its weariness; it will work badly if you do not give it any rest "

Be proud of your efforts

It's hard to fight oversanalysisSo do not expect huge results from the beginning. Indeed, like any problem, it is gradually adjusted, learn to appreciate your efforts. Being too hard on yourself will make you feel that you are not doing things right, even if you are on the right track.

Be persistent because your efforts are in time, in the meantime, develop your esteem by talking to you nicely, and congratulating you with each step taken.

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