Among the items to liven up the little ones are books, rugs and even a thermometer

The time of bathing, in addition to ensuring the body hygiene of babies and children, can also bring many benefits for little ones. Children's songs and toys suitable for water encourage family interaction, fun and can increase emotional contact with the child.

For babies who are not very fond of water, the use of playful and colorful items stimulates the imagination and makes daily care become moments of enjoyment. Always putting safety first, the Multikids Baby presents product suggestions to make bath time even more fun.

As Digital Duck Bath Thermometer (R $ 49.90) parents can, in addition to cheering the little ones, check the ideal water temperature. Made of high quality, soft material, without sharp edges, waterproof, with an average range of 34 ° C to 44 ° C, the thermometer floats in the water and shows the exact time to start the bath, without the risk of attack the baby's delicate skin with too hot water.

To stimulate development, the Bath Booklet (R $ 12.90) brings beautiful designs and colors to entertain and amuse the baby. With 100% washable and non-toxic material, the product has two titles, Where the animals live and Colors and fruits.

For children who love to invent hairstyles in the shower, Hair Rinse Mugs (R $ 24.90) were designed to make bath time easier and help keep water and soap out of your eyes. They have a special internal structure that reduces the flow of water, a soft silicone edge that is in contact with the baby's head and a handle that facilitates use.

When it comes to bath time, safety comes first, but to make the little ones happy at that moment, Safe Bath Bath Mat (R $ 49.90) it brings colorful surface and full of drawings, ideal to stimulate imagination and creativity. In addition, the product prevents the child from slipping, while the non-slip suction cups help keep the carpet in place.

To complete the fun of the kids, the Bath & Fun Mini Bath Mats (19.90) they deliver security and joy, even to parents. They are also non-slip and have suction cups that help prevent accidental slips and falls while bathing. They can be used in the bathtub, in the shower and come in four different shapes: fish, frog, hippo and duck. They can also be fixed to the floor and also to the wall.


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