Tips for dealing with judgment and criticism

Criticisms and judgments

In our daily life, we interact with people whether it be family, professional, conjugal, parental, …

We need social relations, without which we cannot feel fulfilled. It is these same relationships that make us advanced throughout our lives. Thanks to our relationships, we are the person we are today.

Some people we meet will love us, value us, appreciate us, but also hurt us, judge us, criticize us, belittle us …

A human being is "sensitive", and sometimes at certain times in life he is even more so. This will also vary depending on its history, of his lived, from the environment in which he grew up, from his personality, and its character.

How can we deal with these situations?

Be selfconfident

The self-confidence is a pillar in life no matter in what area. Success necessarily requires having self-confidence. The more we trust ourselves, the better we can achieve what we want to achieve. Get to know yourself, with your strengths and weaknesses, have self-worth.

Thanks to this, one is β€œprotected” from external β€œattacks”. The more we trust ourselves, the more we know each other, the more we are "armed" and therefore less likely to be affected.

To protect yourself

That means you have to establish limitations with "bad" people. This implies for example to put a geographic distance if it's possible.

If they are colleagues (or other people with whom she is every day), you must put a emotional distance.


One should not hesitate to know how to say things, when the ill-intentioned go too far.

Use good judgment

Some reviews are constructive, it is therefore important to learn to do an analysis, and a self-investigation in order to know if this can help us to progress or not

Understand that the cause is external

Understand that people who "attack" do so because something is wrong with them. A person who is happy, good in his head and his life, does not try to "hurt" others.

We cannot act on others, on their behavior, but we are very fortunate, it is to be able to act on ourselves!

It's a learning process, but once you get there, you feel much happier! πŸ™‚

What do you think?

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