Tips and Tricks for Learning to Forgive Yourself

How to regain self-confidence after a breakup?

We all have regrets that gnaw at us, preventing us from living fully. Follow these rules to get rid of it once and for all.

Determine your moral values

We all have moral rules that we think are good to follow. And often, we come to blame ourselves as soon as we realize that we have failed to comply with these rules. Becoming aware of these moral values ​​will help you identify the main source of your shame.

Remember that nothing will change the past

This can be a form of resignation. Most of the time, it is the feeling of wanting to change our actions or our thoughts in the past that holds us captive. However, this is simply impossible. You have to accept the past as it is because wanting the impossible will only harm you.

Learn to tell yourself that you have evolved morally

To do this, you just have to ask yourself and express yourself on how you would have handled things, taking into account everything you have gone through. It is by no means a way to immerse yourself in guilt, but rather an awareness of your evolution. Among other things, it's a way to regain confidence in your worth.

Become aware of the situation that influenced you

We often focus on the mistake we made without realizing the cause that led us to do it. It is therefore essential to take into account all the parameters before diving into an unnecessary depression. By doing it this way, we can be surprised knowing that in the end, this error that haunts us so much was a necessity.

Take into account the moral values ​​that you set for yourself in your actions

Changing the past is impossible, but it's up to you to shape your future. You may have made mistakes in the past, but you are free to evolve, never forget. So, by acting in this direction, you will gradually gain self-confidence and forget your guilt, while being proud of being who you are today.

Know what you most regret

Becoming aware of this will be helpful in managing your feelings about your past mistakes. Indeed, we are affected by things that relate to our greatest regrets, so by identifying them we could try to remedy them from the source.

Cleanse your conscience

Doing work on yourself is not always enough to achieve forgiveness. Some mistakes require not only awareness, but also actions to help you stop feeling bad. So, you have to learn to talk about it and ask for forgiveness to be able to get rid of this feeling that tortures you.

Move on

Still in the context of resignation, once you have accepted that your past is an integral part of your life, but that you cannot change it, you will see life differently. So your mistakes will be seen as lessons.

Give yourself time to learn

Keep in mind that we are not born as perfect beings. We all make mistakes, and it’s only after we get better.

Esteem yourself

Despite your mistakes, tell yourself that you are better than you think when you feel guilty. Taking into account all of the above points, you will know that you can be proud of yourself and that you are worth it.

Now you can enjoy a fresh start!

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