The most suitable dog breeds for each phase of the child

Are you going to adopt a dog? Find out which breeds are most suitable for each phase of the child and be sure to choose the best friend of the family.


Pug. It is the perfect dog for those who stay at home. Gentle, calm and playful, the breed can spend hours resting next to the owner and the baby.


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German Spitz. With its small size, the German Spitz (or Lulu da Pomerânea), the famous teddy bear in miniature is very cheerful, expressive and intelligent, pleasing parents and babies.

German Spitz

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Beagle. Even quite messy, Beagles learn commands easily and best of all: without losing their joy! In addition, the breed is loyal and independent.


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French bulldog. Sociable, affectionate and patient. These are some striking characteristics of the French Bulldog, which, by the way, is an excellent companion for babies, since their favorite activities are playing and sleeping.

French bulldog

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English Bulldog. Like the Pug and the French Bulldog, the English Bulldog does not need many exercises to keep in shape. Known as one of the loveliest breeds in the canine world, the big guy is a great companion for the family and can adapt very well to children

english bulldog

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Maltese. Known for his excitement, the Maltese is one of the ideal puppies for that child who has a lot of energy. In addition to being very lively and willing to play, the breed is gentle and easy to deal with.


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Shih Tzu. he is an outgoing, alert, active puppy and a great companion for the little ones.


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Dachshund. If the child is curious, adventurous and playful, the sausage is the perfect dog! The Dachshund breed is super popular with kids and can guarantee fun and physical activity.


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Cocker. Its charming curls leave no doubt: the Cocker Spaniel is an adorable breed! Faithful, friendly and calm, this dog can be trained with ease.


Golden retriever. Those who have never bumped into a Golden do not know what happiness is. The dog seems to smile all the time! In addition to being reliable and intelligent, Golden also misses an opportunity to play with the kids.

Golden retriever


Labrador. It is smart, reliable and a great companion for activities that use a lot of energy.


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Bull Terrier. If the teenager has a habit of playing sports, the Bull Terrier will fit perfectly into his routine. Strong, resistant and very smart, the breed fulfills all the requirements of a good athlete.


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Border Collie. The Border Collie, known as the most intelligent breed in the world, is loved by people of all ages. It is fuzzy, but obedient when trained. You need space and someone to play with.

border collie

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Schnauzer. In addition to being sociable and friendly, the Schnauzer is well attached to the owner. It accompanies the family in all its activities and the best: it is well behaved inside the house! The famous breed with a long beard can live in a big house with a yard or in a small apartment in the city.


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Mutt. The mixed breed dog certainly fits all families. It has black, white, tricolor, small size, medium size, in short… of the most varied combinations that fill the owner's daily life with love. Its unknown nature makes each one unique and with unique characteristics.


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Expert tip
For Patrícia Padovez, veterinarian and technical coordinator of Farmina Pet Foods, before adopting the animal, in addition to choosing the breed, it is necessary to prepare the home and family routine to receive the pet. “Dogs require daily dedication. Owners need to have time to walk and play with the animal, in addition to taking care of the pet's food and hygiene. Without forgetting the love and affection, which are fundamental for the pet to feel welcome ”.

Source: Farmina

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