The importance of the smile

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Those who please others, those who seduce, whether beautiful or ugly are those who are in tune with themselves! Among those who have left us, here is a list of known people who seduced the public, not for their beauty but because they were able to be themselves and play: Bourvil, Fernandel, Sim, Alice Sapritch, etc. .

These people made us laugh or smile.

The smile expresses the pleasure of communicating and plays an important role in our society.
The smile can not dissociate itself from the eyes.
Expressed only by the mouth, it is limited to a hypocritical or deceitful grimace.
It is by the "smiling look" that we attract sympathy. It gives good mood.

From smile to laughter, there is only one step, sometimes useful to cross.
Laughter brings pleasure. He also has a social role. He lifts his spirits and brings the members of a group together (sometimes making fun of those who are not part of it).
The smile, like laughter, can be contagious.

If laughter is communicative,
The smile is communicative and communicate well,
It's good to be understood.

Warning ! The essential is what is perceived by the interlocutor. If you smile internally while your face reflects pessimism, your message may be received as pessimistic.
Some fear laughter and even smile, often for being the victim of others' laughter.

By the smile we go:
– to hire,
– comment,
– soothe,
– imply,
– humiliate,
– irritate,
– threaten,
– charm.

Charm is the first stage of hypnosis. The smile should especially be used to charm the audience, especially when the subject is serious.
Instinctively, we react positively to a smiling face. The sympathy of the speaker facilitates the interlocutor's adherence to his ideas. It is less easy to trust unsympathetic people. Their influence is diminished by their inconsistency, even if they are competent.

Charmer is the key word of the meeting …

Practice, in front of your mirror, to smile with your eyes, while raising your cheekbones. Inhale sympathy with your smile. To charm is to put oneself in harmony, in agreement or in affinity with the other. It's synchronizing

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