The Importance of Letting Go – Personal Success

Do you have to change the world or do you have to change your world?

If someone hits you on the right cheek, present the left cheek.
When Jesus said this, it sparked one of the greatest moral controversies. He dared to say that we can transcend the beast in us, the one produced by our genes and social behavior.

These genes which push us to adhere to the law of the strongest which are the cause of all violent behavior in all societies which incline us towards the aggressive and aggressive world of competition, which challenge us to succeed without crushing others.

These genes who have crossed all cultures and crossed all eras, want us to believe that they have real power.
They want to reduce you to the status of an automaton to ensure their survival, to wedge us between their will and being universal.

Yes, beautiful portrait! On one side of the genes who are ready to do anything to survive and on the other side an omnipotent God who leaves us all the freedom to explore the limits of the possible, a real Molotof cocktail.
But there is a way out. It’s possible to take our genes up a notch higher. We can certainly study nature and history to draw inspiration from it and identify the pitfalls to avoid.

But we don't have to accept predefined limits. We can thwart our genetic momentum by learning to let it go.
Jesus said it, the Beatles said it again, there will be an answer, let go. The moment I let go, I received more than I can receive.
Calm down ! Your life is not as important as that. Your responsibilities are not as heavy as that. The world doesn't really need you to be saved.

Is it really dramatic if your neighbor has put his fence on your property two centimeters beyond the regulatory limit?
Is it really so terrible that your kids leave their clothes lying around and don't make their bed every morning like you do?
Do you really have to nail your nails to the blood for a bit too slow internet connection, a little cold soup or a little small TV?

Ask yourself these questions! Do you have to change the world or do you have to change your world?
If you imagine you came into the world to play an important role in the management of events to preserve from the rush of a sector of moral creation, in short if you think that salvation depends on your bravery alone, you are in the fault.

The world can take care of itself, it has its own agenda and its own intelligence far superior to ours.
The universe needs you to know a point of view that only you can bring. He needs you to taste your truth, to see through your eyes, to find your point of view. It is unique and wonderful.
Listen to that of others but don't dwell on it. Everything is in you. Besides, be patient with yourself, millions of years of impulses push you in all directions, not counting reincarnations.

Less easy to believe, isn't it? How, I, millions of lives, and I have not yet learned to manage my budget? Impossible.
I offer you another experience that you will continue for a month. I invite you to use a mantra to root the habit of letting go in your mind.

It is not a passive attitude of abandonment, of despair, but rather of trusting in God, in your true self, the one who led you so far. Give him the right to help you. You have to ask him to guide you for a while.

Sit in the passenger seat for 30 days and let him drive, just to see. You don't always have to control everything you know!
Here is the mantra, the phrase to repeat daily at least 108 days. Ideally you will exercise 3 times a day, 3 times 108.
Here is the sentence: I let go, everything is working out for the best, thank you my God.
Here, do your best, leave the rest to God. Even if you do not believe in God, I invite you to still have this experience as a faithful scientist before passing judgment.

You are skeptical. That's fine, but don't be closed to the test. A true skeptic always allows himself a test to take a stand and firmly establish his judgment.
So experience it! There is no way to prove to yourself that you have direct access to the infinite intelligence that is within you.
I know these sentences may seem a little esoteric, but what does it matter, if it works, we don't care!
So chew this mantra, and you will see!

What do you think?

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