The importance of body language

Communication does not just go through words, on the contrary! Thus, the postures, the gestures, the expression of the face and the intonation say much more than long speeches. Experts in nonverbal communication (such as Albert Mehrabian) claim that only 7% of the communication goes through words, 38% by the para- verbal and 55% by the non-verbal. To learn more about his study: nonverbal communication

Indeed, our body can "speak" as eloquently as the words we can pronounce.
Many communication experts even say that it is impossible to lie to one's body. Each of our gestures, our movements or mimicry produce a very particular effect. At times, we pass with our body ideas contrary to those desired.
You've probably all heard some tips or "rules" about body language, for example, keeping your hands behind your back. However, no rule is good.

The secret of good body language is being the same. When you stop torturing your mind about what you look like, your body expresses itself in the right way.

nonverbal body communication

How to decode body language?

Here is for you, a small list of our gestures as well as the image they send back.

  • Keep your hands in your pockets: You are on the defensive, or the topic is not really interesting.
  • Tilt your head on one side during a discussion, looking at your interlocutor: You are interested and you think about what the person in front of you is telling you.
  • Breathe irregularly: You are nervous.
  • Have your back arched: You are folded on yourself and you do not release insurance.
  • Be leaning when sitting: You are attentive, see interested in the discussion.
  • Walking with regular steps: You are calm and sure of yourself.
  • To scratch your head: You are uncertain, see astonished.
  • Make a sincere smile: You appreciate the person in front of you, or the things she tells you.
  • Tighten the points: You are pissed off.
  • Rub his hands, or crack them: You do not know what to do.
  • Stroking on the table or on your leg: The situation annoys / makes you nervous …
  • Touching your hair, chin, or eyes when answering a question: You are certainly lying.

There are still many situations that can return a particular image to your interlocutor. Recruiters, for example, know this body language, so be careful how you hold yourself, and how to use your hands.

Here is a very interesting program that talks about body expressions:

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