the eternal question that haunts us

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The debate has been going on for years. Centuries. Millennia. How to live happily? What are the goals that should be set? What forces to deploy to finally reach them? And what happens next?

The question is as exciting as those surrounding the creation of the universe. And the answers are multiple. Why ? Because each of us has a very different vision, since totally personal happiness.

The real subject, the real questioning is around the experience of happiness. "To live happily" is to live with one's own eyes. Her values. His desires. His desires.

Go in the direction of his personal development. Give yourself the confidence you deserve and above all … understand thatjust decide itto lead a fulfilling life.

Happiness is a moment that nobody can take away

A smile, a moment with his family, a kiss, a sunset, a succulent dinner, a sporting victory … that's what I call happiness. At least if we agree to the right to think of these facts as realities in their own right.

To live happily, you have to be able to appreciate present time. To put in brackets the weight of the gaze of the other and for a few minutes, savor what happens to us.

To be happy is not to reach a position of power. Earn a lot of money or have a lot of friends. If this is nice, questions, doubts and fears do not fly away.

No, to live happily, you just have to recognize the pleasure it is. Tomorrow is uncertain, so as to give all the value to the reason of satisfaction that we experience.

Live happy by following the philosophy of simplicity

What we notice when we go through a period of trouble is that negativity impacts all the cells of our body. All areas of our life. We even speak of "law of series".

Personally, I believe in establishing a virtuous circle. By looking at the opportunities that are everywhere in our environment, deciding to adopt open-mindedness and to take life with a smile, everything happens more simply.

Our state of mind influences the way we see things. It allows to ignore or on the contrary to highlight happiness.

And when we know that behind every choice we make, from the most important to the smallest is an opportunity to change his life … then we understand that to live happily, you just have to want it.

To adopt a dynamic vision of one's own life. Decide to go forward and live each of the experiences we have the chance to do.

Try. Be happy. It's easier than it seems!

Jean-Baptiste Marsille

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