The effects and benefits of animals on our morale

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The importance of an animal on our morale

To have a pet or not? That’s the question! Some people are fiercely impervious to the idea of ​​owning a pet. For my part, I remember the mixed reactions of friends and acquaintances when I adopted a cat. The cost, constraints and investment required by an animal are the main objections raised. Only, aside from the constraints, the pet brings its owner unexpected benefits. Blah blah, you say. Oh no! Let's see together the benefits that a pet can have on your morale and in your life in general.

Break the loneliness

With a pet, you feel less alone. We hear it move in the place of life, play and it does us good! It is pleasant to hear these expressions of life, to feel this presence. Otherwise, it’s flat calm. In return for our protection, the pet just keeps us company. Seeing it, hearing it, touching it or caressing it calms and relaxes us, and beyond its presence, it also brings us its beauty, its joviality or even its talents (runner, song, agility or what do I still know). Like what with an animal, we are at the rendezvous of giving and receiving.

Decenter yourself, take responsibility and socialize!

Caring for your pet takes a lot of care and affection. Which means stopping to contemplate your navel and that’s not bad. An animal empowers and prevents withdrawal. Because you have to feed it, groom it, take it out and so on. Admit that it’s even a little cute to let your pet “lead” your nose before “cropping” it. It is also a constant occupation that even allows us to socialize. Yes socialize! Meet or just chat with others around the animal theme. Even more if affinities.
Feel good and increase your self-esteem. Different studies show that dogs allow their owner to increase their feeling
of belonging and their self-esteem.

They would even give meaning to their existence. Owning a pet makes its owner less stressed and anxious, unlike people without one. It emerges from these studies that animals, dogs or cats, have a soothing and reassuring effect. Even more, the masters find comfort with their faithful companions who love them unconditionally.

In addition, it is known that pet owners consult their doctor 15% less than others. It is also the result of the physical activity that the animal leads to. Sometimes, despite ourselves, you have to admit. Still, you have to go out regularly, run and play with dogs or cats. This activity also removes obesity.

Adopt an animal

The statistics speak for themselves. The divorce rate is high. There are far more single people than you think. You just have to see all those who haunt dating sites. Others do not dare to register but do not leave the stats. We are not going here to talk about the excesses of (post) modernism and the consumer society where men and women play more and more the role of kleenex. But, in the absence of a partner, the pet plays the emotional role perfectly. He is a constant, an unwavering ally who shows his love for you with selflessness. Think about it when adopting a guy! Be careful though, one does not exclude the other. Ultimately, beyond the fashion phenomenon, the pet is an object of attachment whose presence is reassuring. It breaks loneliness and social isolation. It is also a precious help for certain social categories such as the elderly and children. It is a safe and secure value !!!!

Article updated on 09/09/2016

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