Take stock to balance your life

Why take stock?

Very good question will you tell me? I have noticed over time that few of us take the time to know where they are, what they have achieved …

We are filled with beliefs about who we are and our lives that are very often far from reality. Over time, our emotions take us away from the reality of the facts. Taking stock allows perfect dusting, it is a powerful indicator of where we are. I am always surprised to see the idea that people have of them, they are often very hard on themselves.

balance sheet

When we take the time to take stock of different life plans (couple, professional life, family, finances …), we are often surprised by the things that we can note and that have been going on in our head for a long time. For some, just by noting what has been there for a long time, they are freeing themselves from emotional problems that had taken up a place of great importance in their lives. Seeing and sometimes hearing ourselves formulating a problem that was spinning in our heads allows us to free ourselves from it. Taking stock simply includes writing the balance of our life, the most on one side and the least on the other and trying to measure what weighs most in our life.

All this written in black and white allows our brain to understand the scope of our problems, our burdens, our results, our joys in the balance of our life.

When we have a factual knowledge of the areas of our life that unbalance it, we are better able to make the changes and solutions necessary to restore balance. These observations make it easier for us to find the solutions to put in place so that the balance of our life is balanced.

Even if some problems have no solutions, then it will be time to consider taking a different look at what is weighing on us, it is often at this time that outside help is essential.

Nadia Marty

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