Sucrilhos launches digital platform to encourage children to play longer away from screens

The Sucrilhos app has with its new campaign “Reinvent the Game” the goal of encouraging children to recreate their favorite games using their imagination


A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) says that children up to 4 years old should spend at most an hour in front of screens. Slightly older children also need limits. With the objective of assisting fathers and mothers in this task and encouraging the little ones to use their imagination and any available space to create games, games and sports, Sucrilhos® developed the digital platform “Reinvent the Game”.

Available for download from June 3 at Apple and Google online stores, until December, the app has activities, challenges and information that encourage the use of creativity and help children recreate their favorite sports . In addition, Sucrilhos® packaging has a roulette wheel that interacts with the application.

“Reinvent the Game, by Sucrilhos®”, is, in addition to a digital platform, a campaign that invites children to leave the online environment, showing that it is possible to transform any object and any place into games, games and sports, just use energy , creativity and imagination ”, says Damian Pirichinsky, director of Mercosur Marketing at Kellogg®.

To further engage consumers, influencers Felipe Castanhari, Gusta and Pyong, were asked to challenge Teddy and Malena – youtubers specializing in online games – to get out of the way and reinvent their favorite games. In addition, the brand will carry out activations in the main markets of the country, with interactive materials stimulating the practice of sports.

“It is noticeable the change in behavior of children, who are increasingly using their free time for activities in streaming. Our goal is to encourage their time in front of screens to be less, and to provide an experience that uses the cell phone only as a guide for the creation and development of an activity offline. We want to encourage children to recreate games and sports that allow them to spend accumulated energy without having to leave the house, for example, and also help with their physical and mental development ”, reveals Damian.


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