strategies to motivate you!

If you can not succeed, you can try. If you can try, you can succeed. (Anthony Robbins)

In this article, I will present some strategies to increase your efficiency and your results, and also some small incentives to motivate you!

Increase your efficiency: strategies to motivate you!

Did you know that the only place where success is the tip of your nose before work is in the dictionary!

But in our consumer society, it seems that advertising and the media have generalized the idea of ​​the American dream.

If we define the American dream as the desire to succeed, there is no harm in that.

But a skewed version of the American dream consists of believe we can succeed without working or making efforts.

Unfortunately, nothing is more wrong!

People who believe in this simplistic version of the American dream are quickly disappointed and discouraged because they get nothing.

This is not because a few people (out of millions) have exceptionally succeeded without having to put in too much effort that this is a general rule!

In any case, what dream sellers will want you to believe …

And when we tell stories to success, we often forget to mention all the work behind these successes

I do not mention this to discourage you, but simply to show you that you will achieve success more easily if you provide the necessary effort to work better.

You will get more and more results and you will work less and less.

To incorporate unlimited growth into your life, you need to get results, a lot of good results.

And you are the only source of your success.

You must capitalize on your strengths and make sure you become a person who cultivates efficiency.

Do you remember that efficiency is the measure of means employees to get results ?

So you have to focus on improving not just your productivity but also, and most importantly, your productivity potential.

This potential is what your ability to get what you want from life depends on.

In this article, I will begin to introduce concrete tools to improve your productivity potential.

Capitalize on your resources

To capitalize as much as possible on your resources and allow your full potential to be expressed, ask yourself these few questions as often as possible and try to answer them through your work and your activities:

  • How can I use my time and actions in the most constructive way possible?
  • At work, what am I paid for?
  • What are my activities that provide me with the greatest value?
  • What are the measurable results I would like to get the most out of my life?
  • How can I best use my activities and my time (currently, tomorrow, this week, etc.)?

The last question is perhaps the most important, as asking and answering it often maximizes your actions to help you achieve better results.

Unleash your efficiency!

Here are some strategies that will help you unleash your efficiency to increase your productivity in your work and other activities.

Develop a sense of urgency

If you do not decide that your success is importantyou will not put enough effort into achieving your goals.

When you feel the urgency to succeed, you work faster and you lose less time.

Because you know that every time you waste your efforts, you move away from the results you dream of.

At the time I read this article in detail before integrating it on my site (and I add this paragraph), it is 19:30 and we are Tuesday.

I had a very busy day, and I feel tired.

I could go fooling on Facebook, read a book, listen to television, among other things.

I hear them almost call me!

Yet the work I do on my site is millions of times larger.

This importance motivates me to continue my work despite the context.

TV, Facebook and even a good book can wait … not my life!

As you feel this urgency, you will be surprised at the amount of work you can do simply because you believe that it is possible (and urgent) to achieve what you want.

Expand your attendance at work

When working to get results, really work!

Whenever you get distracted, chat with colleagues, surf the Internet, you lose time.

On the contrary, if you develop your diligence to finish what you startedyou will be less stressed and you will have more quality time to spend on what really matters to you.

Because if we put end to end all the moments where we fool because we do not want to work, it's a lot, a lot of wasted hours …

To choose to truly advance in what we have to do really frees us from time.

Choose the activities for which you have the most abilities and that you have the most pleasure to achieve

The more you work in a niche where you have experience and skills, the more results you will get in a lot less time.

We usually experience more fun and motivation to work at what we excel at …

I have been writing since I was 14 years old.

So guess why I chose to do this site and use it to write. πŸ˜‰

Nothing in the world is more useful for increasing the quantity and quality of your results and excel in one area.

The more you capitalize on your potential and your learning, the more you will succeed!

Choose to do the activities that have the greatest value in relation to the results you want in your life and at work

The amount of work alone is not enough to succeed.

You still need to concentrate your efforts on the activities that have the most value compared to the results they allow you to obtain..

We have the unfortunate tendency to disperse and simply react to external demands instead of planning our actions to achieve our important goals.

The more you focus on what makes the difference, the more you will reduce confusion and improve your results!

Start immediately and continue until the end

When you feel the urge to succeed and have identified the most important activities to succeed, this is not the time to discourage yourself.

You need to acquire personal discipline to get started as quickly as possible and continue until you are done without getting distracted.

This attitude is fundamental to achieving results.

Also do your important tasks one after the other and focus on only one at a time.

Thus, you will not squander your efforts or concentration.

Group similar activities together

Another way of dispersing yourself is to do your activities as they arise, as you are wasting valuable time focusing on each new activity.

If you have several e-mails to write, do them all as a result.

When you group similar activities together, you can increase your experience faster while doing the job faster.

Taken together, tasks require much less time, effort and concentration.

Develop your resourcefulness

When you take responsibility for your life and your success, you know that your results depend on you.

However, many people would like to succeed but they do not know what to do. And they do not do anything …

They are disempowering without knowing it simply because they do not make the effort to search the resources that would contribute to their success.

They do not show resourcefulness.

Your resourcefulness is proportional to your desire to achieve a goal or solve a problem and to your belief in success.

Because it takes a lot of determination to get relevant information.

Being resourceful requires being proactive, taking initiative and to search and learn for yourself.

And there are a lot of resources to help you:

  • Internet (sites, ebooks, social networks, forums, tutorials, etc.);
  • Libraries
  • Groupings of people who know the topics that interest you;
  • Anyone you know and do not know (mentoring) who can guide you
  • Government programs (such as business development assistance);
  • Coaching services in different areas, etc.

But beware, it's not about asking others to do the work for you!

When you consult people, let them guide you but do the work yourself.

This is how you gain invaluable knowledge, skills and qualities, such as patience, and become empowered.

Autonomy is the key to developing your productivity potential.

Did not Confucius say that it is better to learn to fish than to fish?

The world is filled with charitable souls who can help you.

But learn from these people instead of letting them do the work for you.

Self-help is also about being able to work and learn in areas that have nothing to do with what you love but that serve your vision well.

For this, your desire to achieve your goals must be greater than the efforts you have to make in the short term and that you like less.

And how will you be able to motivate yourself to manage in areas that do not interest you from the start?

With your vision and goals.

A forbidding activity (effort, learning, etc.) suddenly becomes pleasant when we have exciting reasons to do it.

Personally, I like to cultivate my resourcefulness. I am proud of every problem I solve for myself.

I know that in this way I multiply my skills and increase my ability to cope with new situations.

For example, in recent years I have learned a lot about psychology, learning and training, philosophy, marketing, entrepreneurship, computer science, the Internet and economics, even though subjects had a priori no relation to my studies …

There is no subject that you can not learn to increase your knowledge, your skills, and get closer to your goals.

Collect the results

When I write about a subject, I always try to lead by example, to be a well shod cobbler.

I can assure you that since I apply to my work the strategies and attitudes that I present to you in Unlimited growthI started getting a lot more results for the same amount of effort.

The people I work with have often pointed out to me that I was effective because they like to get more than they ask for on time.

An expression says that if you want a job done quickly, give it to a busy person

This means that busy people usually find strategies to be more efficient and do not wait for what they have to do.

They do not put off anything until they know that the longer they wait, the more they must work to achieve the same results.

The more you increase your efficiency, the more you will become a reference person whom others will count on and trust.

If you build an effective person's reputation (and effective people are not easy to find) you will gain the respect of others and you will quickly advance in the goals of your life and career.

To help you, you can even engage in constructive competition with yourself.

In your personal projects, give yourself timelines that you must respect.

You will find yourself with the results you will get and the good work habits you will take.

Over time, you will see yourself as a truly productive person.

You will remember your successes, situations where you have exceeded the expectations of others and the results you have achieved.

Nobody is born efficient.

It's about adopting attitudes, habits, strategies that build a vision of yourself associated with success.

Addressing the subject of this article reminds me of the importance of repeating how much we must first realize for ourselves.

I do not go beyond myself to be admired, because I know that my personal realization gives me neither more nor less value than the others.

I only know that this work on me allows me to improve my life.


I do not want to live in the skin of anyone else! (which has not always been the case, believe me …)

When you have read the last lines of this article, close your eyes.

Imagine who you have become in five or ten years.

Imagine that you are now a more efficient and respected person for everything you do. Ask yourself:

  • Who did you become?
  • What are your projects ?
  • How do you work?
  • What are your values ​​and dreams like?
  • What do people think about you, about your successes and your perseverance?

Answering these questions will enrich your vision and lift you up, making you a successful person.

You will see how you will be in a few years, and you will really want to become one, and as soon as possible!

You now know that you have the potential to produce all the results you want.

Do not wait any longer to implement it!

If you liked this article, know that it is from my book Unlimited growth. You can get it in ebook version to read it in full.

An excellent book that I recommend!

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