Strategies to help make your dreams a reality

At the heart of yourselves right now is the power to do things you never thought possible. This power will be available as soon as you have changed your way of thinking. (Maxwell Maltz)

In this article, I begin to introduce you to the perspective and tools that will help you to make your dreams a reality!

Strategies to help you make your dreams come true! -

A few years ago, I met a friend who changed my way of seeing what I could expect from life.

This friend was so determined that the ambitious goals he set for himself were realized.

He was not more lucky than the average person.

Yet he was getting much more than many older people could not even hope!

And the more he worked, the less he seemed to have to make efforts.

This friend has become a business partner.

What helped me most, working with him, was that he brought me in the wake of his trust and determination.

Imagine, he was a little younger than me and he became my mentor! He fostered many important insights that changed my life, literally.

In his company, I did things that I thought impossible.

That's when I realized why I had not worked to improve my life until then.

Nobody had convinced me that my dreams were impossible: I had convinced myself!

This brings me to two questions:

  1. How many times do we decide not to try to achieve what is important to us simply because we believe we can not succeed?
  2. How many times do we forget our dreams because we believe them to be too ambitious without even trying?

Inspired by this friend, I realized that I could accomplish exactly what I decided to realise.

If I believe that something is impossible, of course it will become!

My friend indirectly played the role of a personal coach.

A coach does not do anything for us. It simply shows us the way to surpass ourselves.

It tells us how to cross the barriers we impose on our lives.

Today, I am no longer the same person.

And since I have a chance to play my role of coach for you, through my site, I do it with pleasure because I know all that I gained by unlocking the resources that were locked in me .

This book aims to convince you of a great truth:

You can virtually all succeed! (if you do not mind)

Without a doubt, you work a lot every day. But do you really get what you expect from your daily efforts?

Do not you feel that something is slipping through your fingers, that your life is not really producing the results you want?

The time in which we live absolutely exciting.

The number of opportunities to improve our lives and take initiatives has never been greater!

The ways in which we can achieve our goals are many and varied.

The number of available information, resources, knowledge is virtually infinite and life expectancy has never been longer.


All this is very good. But do you really enjoy all these possibilities?

You may be earning more money than your parents, but is it enough to make you realize?

Feel that your quality of life is really high?

If you feel overburdened by responsibilities and you do not have a second to yourself, it is likely that your well-being pays the costs … and that, precisely, is priceless!

If you work harder than before but you get less satisfaction from life, it's time to do something.

Live an extraordinary life?

We all have one life to live.

Even if this expression is used to the extreme, it remains nonetheless true.

YOLO, as some say …

Why then settle for banality and habits?

Why tolerate living half, drowned by work, or live by proxy dreaming of being in the place of actors in the cinema.

Your life can be compared to a fantastic work of art.

If you do not work there, she will not be able to improve on her own.

And as Lucy once told Charlie Brown, you can not do a great piece of art in half an hour.

It takes at least forty-five minutes!

So you win a lot to ask yourself questions, and good questions! (without wishing to make a clumsy reference to the title of my other book 😉)

Good questions call for the right answers, and the right answers take action to get the best results.

Why, therefore, improve?

Why improve your ways of doing your daily activities?

Why improve your vision and revise upward your ambitions and revitalize your thinking?

For two main reasonsbecause you deserve it and, above all, because you are capable of it!

Given these two evidences, why not risk some efforts and some changes? You have everything to gain!

But these changes must first take place from your heart, from the heart of your thoughts and convictions.

Your life, from 1 to 10 …

Tell me, is your life fully satisfying?

Is it exciting enough?

To be more specific, give a rating of 10 to your life, 1 being the most mundane and boring life in the world and 10 being the most satisfying life for you.

So, how do you rate your life? If you put it down 8, it's high time to do something!

But there is a reason why our life is rarely at the highest levels, and it is fear.

If your life is 5, you must first raise the level of satisfaction and excitement to level 6, which implies taking new initiatives and making new actions.

Unfortunately, novelty rhymes with the unexpected, and the unexpected is scary. You stay in your comfort zone (another very used expression) …

The uncomfortable comfort zone …

The comfort zone is everything that is behind your fears and habits. It is the comfortable place where we prefer to stay most of the time but which limits us enormously. It is fertile ground where our frustrations and our dissatisfactions multiply …

Only when you decide to jump to the other side of this barrier, to get out of this "zone", you discover the full potential of your life!

Why is it so important to get out of your comfort zone?

Because it is she who created your present life.

If your life pleases you, so much the better. It does not apply to you. 😉

But if dimensions of your life do not satisfy you, you must see things differently, take new initiatives and, above all, face your fears!

In other words, the percentage of time you stay in your comfort zone is inversely proportional to your chances of achieving success and satisfaction.

The more you stay safe and the fewer results you get (so you risk increasing dissatisfaction) …

Your ability to face your fears will revolutionize your existence and make you grow. But you do not have to face all your fears just for the sake of it!

The goal is not to jump in bungee just because you're afraid to do it.

Some fears hurt you more than others.

The fears you need to face first are those that prevent you from improving your life and achieving your goals.

So you have to orientate your work of personal surpassing and an excellent way of doing this is to identify the fears that limit you the most compared to what you want to build.

Feel free to take notes and make a list.

Let me give you a general (and personal) example of what I'm talking about …

When I was younger, I was very shy and terribly lacking in self-esteem. I did not have any confidence to carry out new activities, I was afraid that others would reject me and I was very pessimistic. I was unhappy, uncertain, unproductive.

My life was meaningless and I saw my future as a dark chore. Even during my master's degree, I was convinced that I would never get a really satisfying job.

Fortunately, this context has been conducive to wonder how to improve my lot. I understood a few years ago that, if I stopped limiting myself, listening to my fears and following my habits, a whole new horizon opened to me!

For something to happen in your life, you have to create a global vision of what you want to change and especially take action out of your comfort zone who condemns you to immobility.

Thus, because I changed my attitude and my vision, I induced in a short time major positive changes in my life.

I was shy to the extreme and today I can lecture in front of hundreds of people.

I thought before that I would never make a living satisfactorily.

Today, I receive a very satisfying salary to do what I love without the important dimensions of my life paying for it, such as the opportunity to devote time to the people who matter to me.

I am even aiming for financial independence for my 50th birthday.

Today I have trust in me, I I believe really (without believing me superior to others!) and I am motivated to go always further.

In a short time, I have substantially improved my ability to get results and guide those results to build the life I really want to live.

In other words, I screw the principles of unlimited growth.

I am no better than anyone, and what makes me happy would not necessarily make you happy.

But I enjoy the pleasure of reaping the fruits of my efforts and my decisions.

You will soon see how you can do the same.

Unleash your strength

Would you like to multiply the results you get?

Without a doubt !

For that, you must think of the role that these results play in your life.

This role feeds your motivation to get them quickly.

This is the opportunity for me to introduce you the difference between efficiency and effectiveness.

What is efficiency?

The effectiveness is the measurement of the results we get. The more effective we are, the more results we get …

Rather simple all that. So far so good…

But what happens when we talk about efficiency?

The efficiency is also interested in the results, but through the means we use to obtain them.

Because it is not very constructive to want results focusing only on … the results.

Is it not better to dwell on means we use to get them?

Your ability to increase your efficiency is thus at the heart of unlimited growth.

But efficiency is not about killing yourself at work, on the contrary!

It aims to do things in the best possible way, so that your energy provides more results more easily.

Efficiency makes all the difference when it comes to shaping the life you want to live.

Indeed, if you are able to achieve much more results while providing the same efforts as now, you increase your control and direct your life in the right direction.

The tools of unlimited growth that I will present in this book are a little like the relationship that magnifying glass has with the sun.

As the magnifying glass focuses the sun's fiery rays, the strategies of unlimited growth channel your efforts and your intelligence to accomplish much more than the average of other people, and that in much less time.

You will be able to work to really achieve you!

But you will not only get better results from your work.

Unlimited growth is personal growth, not just economic …

It is about improving all the dimensions of your life, from the care you devote to your body to live long and healthy, through good nutrition and exercise, for example, to your interpersonal relationships.

Overall, the consequences of self-realization are the deep and lasting well-being, self-esteem, confidence, and certainty that you live the life you dream of.

Thus, you will learn why some people (among whom you will soon, hopefully!) Get much more results than others in all the important dimensions of their lives.

I will present a summary of the best personal management strategies through the vision you choose to improve your life.

The results you can expect if you apply these strategies correctly are phenomenal.

If you take action, expect to experience gradual improvement in the important areas of your life.

You will take control of your daily life, you will increase your quality of life, you will reduce your working time while increasing your income.

All this is not too good, but will not happen alone, with wishes and "requests to the universe".

Getting results involves thinking, direction and effort.

That's the bad news.

The good news ? If you do all that, you'll be sure to get something! (contrary to mere wish and magical thinking)

The strength of simplicity

Here is a great truth, encouraging among all: initiatives do not have to be complicated or difficult to deliver great results.

As you become aware of ways to experience unlimited growth, you will make a series of simple but very important observations.

To improve your life, you must first take new initiatives.

As Paul Watzlawick, philosopher and figurehead of the school of Palo-Alto, said, qWhen we always do what we always do, we always get what we always got.

So if you want something else in lifeyou have to start doing something else right now !

Here are the major initiatives that are at the root of any change and that will bring major changes to your life.

These initiatives are incredibly simple but they will help you establish your plan of action to start and nurture your unlimited growth.

Stop doing the activities that keep you away from good results and start doing activities you are not doing right now

We all take habits that hurt us.

We waste a lot of time engaging in useless actions and procrastinating, that is, putting the important things that we need to do today to a day.

You can identify and eliminate attitudes and activities that distance you from the life you want to live.

On the other hand, certain activities and habits provide excellent results.

It will be a question of replacing your attitudes and your useless activities by those that make the difference.

You will learn several strategies in this book, but it does not pretend to be exhaustive.

You will also need to analyze your situation, make new choices, change your vision of life, start new projects, in short, choose to change for the better and see what is best for you.

Do some activities less often and less time while you can do new activities more often and longer

You can take the initiative to stop certain behaviors and activities that do not bring you anything and that even harm your personal achievement.

You can also take the initiative to adopt certain behaviors and do certain activities that have a real value of change and success.

This initiative will guarantee results and satisfaction as you integrate unlimited growth into your daily life.

Orient your unlimited growth with your vision

You must not increase your efficiency in any direction.

Imagine a gold digger who puts a lot of effort into a mine, but that mine contains only worthless ore …

He invests all his efforts in vain.

But if this gold digger took the time to identify a mine rich in gold, his work would be worth it!

We often look like this gold digger.

Which means we do not take enough time to properly prepare our actions.

And I too often made this mistake in the past …

The goal of unlimited growth is to help you answer this fundamental question: How can you take control of the important facets of your life?

There is no question of wasting your efforts on sterile or futile initiatives and actions.

The key to efficiency is taking the time to focus your efforts to produce the most results relevant.

That's why it's so important to have a vision.

Your vision is the overall way you see your ideal life.

It consists of identifying the specific goals you want to achieve.

Without vision, you will advance, but you will not find yourself where you want to go, and your motivation will decrease a lot …

Questions to help you define your vision (take notes 😉):

  • What are the results I want in my life?
  • What kind of balance do I want (between my career, interpersonal relationships, health, finances, etc.)?
  • What are my values ​​(what do I consider good and good)?
  • What are my tastes and interests?
  • What would make a positive difference in my life?
  • What is most important to me?
  • What do I want to express and build?

I will help you a little further to further expand your vision.

For the moment, the next article will explain why all the power of realizing you is in your hands!

If you liked this article, know that it is from my book Unlimited growth. You can get it in ebook version to read it in full.

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