Some rules to express yourself well and an online training

In our daily life, it is essential to learn to express oneself in order to convince others. But to arrive at this result, you must clearly express your arguments. For this, here are some simple tips to put into practice.

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Rule # 1: Listen

Try to listen to people who express themselves correctly. Be careful to choose these people. Avoid sportsmen, politicians and other celebrities who, in the majority of cases, are content to repeat banal and ready-made phrases.

Rule # 2: Register for Classes

Learning and interested in various topics such as history, music, theater, psychology, science etc … are ways to understand and express your ideas on topics that interest you. Start communicating on topics that you like, it will be easier to speak and to clearly express your arguments and your opinion.

Rule N ° 3: Read

It is important to learn new words, new turns of sentences … These elements are the first tools of a communication. Try to read when you have the opportunity, for example in public transport, your lunch break or just at home on your couch! How do you want to express yourself correctly without vocabulary?

Rule # 4: Speaking, Speaking

The goal here is to speak. This is usually the most complicated step! Listen to interesting conversations around you, preferably that require reflection, reasoning or analysis … then get started!

If you are shy, first try to put one or two sentences in a conversation between colleagues, or introduce yourself to the person who takes his coffee next to you. You must not remain passive, act!

"Communication is a difficult science. It is not an exact science. It is learned and it is cultivated. Jean-Luc Lagardère

Rule # 5: Adapt your language level

The use of a precise but simple language will bring you all the attention of your interlocutor.
Start by getting rid of jargon. For example, in the case of a discussion revolving around the theme of computing … forget the technical terms, and replace them with a short definition. Everyone does not know the definition of a "malware", but everyone is able to understand what is meant by malware.
So keep this technical vocabulary only between colleagues (and again!), And choose a language adapted to your interlocutor.
Conversely, avoid using too familiar words or street language, this vocabulary is suitable only around a drink with friends …

Body language is important too!

Rule # 6: The Importance of Synthesizing

When you express yourself (especially when you are not comfortable elsewhere), it is important to be able to quickly pass the information you want to transmit.
Avoid in a discussion to dwell on details or technical aspects or complex.
The important thing is to target the important aspects and try to make them understand to those with whom you are conversing.

Rule # 7: Control the flow of his voice

It is common to meet people who speak too quickly, certainly because of a surplus of enthusiasm or nervousness.
To make a good impression, it is very important to communicate calmly and calmly. For that, do not hesitate to use short rests and short breaks when you talk with someone to catch the attention of your interlocutor.

"Talking is the ugliest medium of communication. Man expresses himself fully only through his silences. "

Frederic Dard

Rule # 8: Avoid repeated use of onomatopoeia.

The famous "hum …", "uhh … .." etc. are unfortunately commonly used in our discussions. They allow us to take some time for reflection between two sentences or two ideas, and are for the most part used mechanically.

However, by using them too much they return a feeling of hesitation and confusion to your interlocutor. Try replacing them with silences to give your speech a more constructed, thoughtful and convincing look!

For further

Lorenzo Pancino recently launched a comprehensive online course to learn to express himself. For those who do not know Mr Pancino, he is a coach for large groups such as Bouygues Telecom, Lagardère, Canal +, and Air France who call on him to transmit his knowledge to their employees.

His training is complete and includes a very well thought out web platform that allows a quick connection with coaches, recordings and analysis of his voice, exercises etc. In short, a good surprise!

You can see his video presentation and explanations by clicking on the image below:

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training to express yourself well

So much for these tips that will allow you with a little practice to progress in your way of expressing yourself. Do you have other tips?

What do you think?

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