Should we set goals for our employees to succeed?

You have probably heard about the logic of dials leading to financial independence. And whether it is the case or not, you will understand the conclusion: economic freedom is acquired by freeing oneself from wage labor.

It's the money that has to work for you. And not the opposite. How is this possible? Through the creation of systems-based enterprises and through investment. This is the logic that any entrepreneur follows.

You yourself may have a business. And you wish to perpetuate it. For that, you work hard. And you owe it to yourself to have demands on the people who work with (or for) you. But how to build these? How to set goals for your employees?

Professional relationship is a question of dynamics and motivation

You do not want to frustrate people. You do not want to go for the selfish and uncompromising person. Yet, you need things to be done. Right in time. And well done.

You know that communication is a pretty delicate point. And you do not want yours to turn against you.

In order to set goals for its employees, they must represent a benefit to them. That they have to gain something (profit, reward in kind …).

A working relationship is inherently selfish. People will not work to please you. And if you want your partners to be effective, they must be included in your vision, your project.

A clearly established realization path

In reality you should put yourself in the shoes of your collaborators. If you want them to be effective, you have to plan a process. Easy to follow Clearly detailed. Corresponding to each one's abilities. And allowing each entity to work independently.

This will allow you to stay in touch with your team members. To be a referent. And of course, setting goals much more achievable than if you only issue requests without really understanding what it means for your employees on the ground!

What do you think?

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