Set specific goals

Objective or subjective?

In life to succeed you have to set specific and measurable goals and go gradually.

How do you eat a watermelon? One bite at a time.
How do you cross the desert? By putting one foot in front of the other.

For several decades, fashion has been on the cards. These are very diverse and affect private life, professional life, health, leisure, couple and money.
We give ourselves goals to know what we want. Yet a goal in itself cannot really help. It can only be useful if it becomes an obsession. And who says obsession, we no longer just talk about objectivity.

Your most realistic goals should therefore go from objective to subjective mode, according to which, you who ask something of the universe are convinced that you are not separated from your request. You know you are the subject.
To convert your goals into what I call subjective, you have to let the emotion in.

If the truth leads to creativity and creativity leads to the development of the role of life, you can no longer be satisfied with a simple goal empty of emotion. You have to pour your soul into it, your guts.
You have to believe that your goal is more important than anything. What your desire to do, your brand goes beyond the world of rational and logic.

Even if your masks start to fall, even if you start to be more true to yourself, your requests will not come true if you are shy in your desires.

Your emotions should irrigate your request to the point that you become a real maniac. Why ?
So that your energy reaches the threshold from which your wish will come true. Perfectly physical equation. E = mc2, you remember Einstein's equation.
This formula says almost everything and like all great truths, it is simple and so beautiful that even those who are not physicists can appreciate it. She teaches that it takes a lot of energy for matter to crystallize.

To have a lot of energy, you have to focus your thoughts on one thing.
When an idea completely occupies the mind, it takes shape in matter.
A person who manages to fix his attention completely on a flame for a few seconds, without thinking of anything, develops clairvoyance, the power of materialization out of the ordinary.
Concentration is the ability to produce mental energy at a specific point for it to rush into the material world.

How long do you think an adult can focus on one thing?
Go ahead, try to focus as long as possible on a thought or object.
How long do you last?
An adult usually does not have the ability to focus for more than a second. Despite this, some managed to compose the magic flute, to write Romeo and Juliet.
So imagine our power if we could focus our thoughts for 10 seconds! Are we not at this moment a true god?

I invite you to devote a few minutes a day, always at the same time, to a concentration exercise.
What are you going to do ?
You will observe a flame. Not only could your eyesight improve, do so you may have some nice surprises, but your requests could also come true very quickly.

What do you think?

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