Retirement homes and daycares: Why is it bad?

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Why are daycares and retirement homes?

What does your conscience tell you when you hear the word "daycare"?
You may hate me, but it is time to put an end to our inconsistencies, especially those that we do to our children.

Are you at peace with yourself when you drive your children to daycare knowing that they will not necessarily receive despite all the efforts of the staff, all the attention they need.

What does a child do when he needs attention? A toddler needs food for this mental body and this food is precisely that attention.

Believe what you want but you have to take care not only of your physical body but also of your mental body. Attention is essential to the development of a child. It's a question of survival !

The child who is forced to fight for this precious food develops certain behaviors and even abilities to obtain this vital attention, even if he must be punished for it. He will hit other people's heads, destroy the toys, cry, be turbulent, take out everything and put away nothing. Later, in adulthood, these behaviors will take a more subtle form, ranging from the role of victim to that of an aggressor also oscillating from anger to depression.

Many problems in adults go back to this extremely important stage that can be between 3 and 6 years old.
The development of an individual depends very much on the attention he has received during this period.

Retirement homes

But wait before you bite your fingers, there is a second point!
Are you comfortable with the idea of ​​passing one of your elderly parents into a home where they will miss despite the good will of the staff, Affection.

If so, do not change anything but if a small red light comes on in your mind, change and immediately! Disassemble the phone and make a gesture that is in keeping with what your heart tells you. Your conscience, your intuition, this is your true self.

If you feel guilty, it's because your choice is not right. Before I tell you that you have no choice, that your financial situation forces you to do what you do, that society imposes it on you, let me confront you. What is the most economical according to you?

Having jobs, a game console, having access to dozens of television channels, and elderly in care homes suffering from emotional deprivation and depression try to mitigate their pain by taking medication or living a life where parents and the children are abundantly nourished with attention and affection, which reduces the number of baffles, the stress, the illnesses that cause the fluids of vital energies. So, your choice?
Listen to your conscience, what does it tell you? Why are you trying to silence her?

She has the solution to your financial problems. As soon as you reject something that makes you suffer, you close one door, another opens.
"Ask and you will receive", remember? Oh if only it was so simple! That's what you say to yourself.
And I tell you If only you stop with the "if".

Do not believe that your justifications will be of great help later, when the regrets will get in the game. You do not believe me ? Make your inquiry!

Go talk to those who have wasted their energy in the wrong place. How many adults have you heard of regretting not having been enough at the end of their lives? How much drama is sewn between parents and children, quarrels arising directly from a lack of love during childhood?

So, what are your priorities? It's not for me to tell you what to do, you know what to do.

Listen to your heart and let yourself be guided !!

Article updated on 25/02/2017

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