Restoring self-confidence through sport

At this moment you are not well in your head? Professional difficulties, a physical that does not please … The human being has an unfortunate tendency to find problems that turn into excuses for not being happy. But look around you: Are not there people with worse situations than yours who seem fulfilled?

If so, you may just lack confidence in yourself! Rest assured: self-esteem is working. And if you're still not ready to take big steps to get out of your comfort zone, there's a simple activity that works very well: the sport!

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is usually a representation of oneself versus others. Someone who does not trust him for example will find that others are better. But this feeling is mostly subjective, based solely on our own perception.

A recent film perfectly sums up the impact of self-confidence: "I feel pretty". This is the story of a girl who is uncomfortable because of her curves which, following a fall, wakes up with a new perception of herself: she is very beautiful. Yet his physique has not changed. The only thing that changes is the vision she has of herself, and that will be enough to change the way others will look at her. This new perception allows her to dare to say what she thinks and do what she wants, two things impossible before.

It's a movie, but that's exactly what happens in real life: every day we meet people who are not extraordinary but who release something different just by the trust they have in them.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The first step in regaining self-confidence is through respect for oneself and one's body. Even if it is proven that some techniques of self-persuasion work, the method is not the best way to convince you that you are the best. These are changes in your life that will gradually bring you satisfaction and why not make you proud.

Do not wait until your well-being comes from others, because if you do not feel good in your clothes it will be difficult to release positive waves around you.

To develop self-esteem, the best and simplest solution is to focus on the two areas that have the most impact both physically and psychologically: sports and nutrition.

By exercising, by eating healthy, you will gradually regain a feeling of well-being and a communion between your body and your head.

What sport to practice?

The easiest way is of course to join a fitness room or even to do bodybuilding at home. In itself, all sports are good … Team sports have the advantage of creating more links with others.

But the sport that helps the most to regain self-confidence is undoubtedly boxing. The martial arts allow you to let off steam, to confront yourself directly to others and to this rage that you probably have in you.

It is a sport that can be scary, but the boxing sessions are very framed and always respectful. It is an inevitable pillar of combat sports. The most experienced never seek to "destroy" their opponent but rather to help them advance, unlike many other sports.

To build confidence, there is no better way than to compete with someone who looks tougher and play with him or even win.

If you are going through a difficult time with a lack of confidence, it is really ideal to progress physically and mentally Here are some of the benefits of boxing:
Evacuate stress and anger.
Feel more peaceful everyday.
Better control of emotions
A higher sense of security
A confrontation with others obligatory and framed

How does sport improve self-confidence?

An instant psychological effect

First, it must be considered that each session is a feat in itself. Despite a tiring day of work, you have found time for physical exercise. It may have taken a good dose of motivation because you did not want to, but you did! Just for that: BRAVO. It's a big step.

Sport is giving yourself challenges. Whether it's a series of 20 abs while you've done 15 last time, running 5min more, pushing your limits … All this corresponds to the achievement of the objectives that you will have set yourself consciously or not, and therefore has to little wins. It's mechanical, each victory of life as small as it is a satisfaction and a positive feeling. Simply knowing that you give the best of ourselves, that we do our best, is enough. By accumulating these positive feelings, one gets used to feeling good.

Moreover, studies have shown that exercising allows the body to secrete a good amount of endorphin and dopamines, the hormones of happiness and well-being.

Physical improvement

Then there is of course a notion of well-being through physical changes that will result from the practice of physical activity. Imagine this type of big win: 5kg less on the scale and a silhouette that refines, a muscle gain that makes you fill the t-shirt …

These, I guarantee you that they do a lot of good! But do not forget that it is with small goals put end to end that we obtain significant victories.

Sport has the benefit of making physical changes that help us improve our self-perception in an objective way. You have extra pounds and that's what makes you complex? It's a safe bet that with a more refined silhouette you will significantly boost your charisma in society.

But also…

Sport has an impact on many other factors that also help you feel good:
– You sleep better, which will have an impact on your overall mood and will help you to spend a full day.
– You have less time for the blows of depression: when one does sport one thinks of something else
– Your metabolism works more efficiently and treats nutrients optimally
– Sport allows easy contact with others when choosing a team sport or simply group training.
– It becomes a benchmark in your daily life and in a society that goes to 1000 per hour. Whatever happens, you know that you will have a moment in your day to relieve stress. Even during a bad day, nothing like to release tensions.

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