Re-awaken us: letting go in 3 steps

Today is January 4th, 2018 and I have only one word in my mouth: REVEILLONS … WE !

These two evenings that are December 24 and 31 are events of holidays and joy. One for religious reasons the other for reasons related to time passing by.

But in fact, when we look at human history and beyond, we realize that before the birth of Christ, there were already civilizations that celebrated these events all based above all on the cosmos, the lunar cycles, the corresponding tidal cycles, the winter and summer solstices, the spring and autumn equinoxes. But also on the 12 months of the year, the 12 astrological signs, the 12 hours of a day etc … The time that passes us shapes and we build, we grow old and strengthens us through the tests that we meet. Inspiring ourselves with the natural life allows us to be in phase, and reconnect to our essence.

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<p>The purpose of all this: to raise our <strong>consciousness</strong> to become extraordinarily powerful beings. But all this is not the subject of today's article. The subject is centered on Being, on self-creation.</p>
<p>The self is also the imperative of the verb BE: be yourself. Accept what you are in the depths of you because you have everything in you. Whatever your past, your successes and your failures, your wounds and your strengths, your weaknesses, your shadows and your lights. You are unique and at the same time connected to everything. To the universe through your heart that beats without having to think about it, to the earth by what it feeds you, to your parents who gave you life, to your friends, and to humanity in general. We are all part of this great whole to which we are connected from our first breath to our last. And we are also closely linked to the cycles I mentioned at the beginning of these few lines. It is the ability to use with respect those powers that exceed us that is extraordinary. What would you say if you knew how to take advantage of the winter that is a source of withdrawal, recoil, dormant? This period of introspection par excellence in the image of the bear or the marmot is conducive to bolster its strengths, its arguments, its weapons in the noble sense of the term. Just for his personal fulfillment. By setting up the organization of the year, the action plans, foreseeing the hazards related to our natural environments but also relational, work, family will reach us in a more balanced way and in a greater harmony with our objectives. . The changes of class of the children, their birthdays and through it their growth, the birthdays of the parents, the grandparents <strong>even as families</strong> are also sources of disagreements, tensions or conflicts. All of these things that make it give life an eternally challenging side. Because these "<strong>difficulties</strong>" are <strong>great learning opportunities to grow, climb and connect</strong> to what we are in the deepest: are identical by the heart. The concern is that our whole civilization is based on <strong>the ego</strong>, the mind and the domineering brain.</p>
<h2>1st step: introspection</h2>
<p>How to put back <strong>before</strong> the much greater and infinite power of the heart? We have here a work of reappropriation of ourselves, we are so solicited from all sides that we forget who we are. Let's cut phones, TVs, tablets, computers, devices of all kinds that absorb our energy through <strong>attention</strong> that we wear them to excess.</p>
<p>Breathing, relaxing, being cut off from the outside is fundamental to doing thoughtful, accurate and effective actions that will affect their purpose. Here is a heart coherence video that will help you:</p>
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This step is very important, it allows us to refocus on ourselves in order to have access to our To be. It is in this unmanifested space, all within us that our power. No need to go outside and search for everything we already have in us. We will then have access to new situations, new people new opportunities since we will be more in condition to see them, to feel them, and to measure our interest. This will greatly facilitate the task. No need to go into the effort, the suffering, the intense expenditure of energy. From these new potentials we will be reborn then by understanding that if we help ourselves, heaven will help us.

This is rightly our challenge.

To succeed in going beyond our limiting beliefs to transform ourselves permanently as the saying goes – nothing is created or finished, everything is transformed. Reprogram our brain because it is he who directs us and not us as Divine Being. We will transform ourselves into the very image of the power of life that runs through our heads and feet, cells of our bodies that are born and die, in the same image as the sap that flows through the trees.

After the winter comes spring which symbolizes the growth and development, the rebirth of nature and life of the 3 kingdoms: animal, vegetable and mineral. The earth awakes and gives its inhabitants its first flowers, it is the time of love in animals, the time when everything that did not manifest during the winter starts moving and comes out of the ground.

2nd step: self development

After firing our weapons, after being disconnected and centered, we are supposed to know what we want and Why we want it, we have found the engine that is why. In other words, we know what will motivate us, make us want, give us the fire that makes us sometimes move mountains.

Master your emotions, your thoughts, your impulses

To develop is great, but still it has to be good manner, that the actions are those which suit us, which result from what we want and not from what we do not want or more. But, as I said above, the brain plays a leading role in our actions or daily steps. It conditions 90% of our dailies by our unconscious. As our experiences progressed, we "programmed" without wanting reflexes, automatisms, gestures from what we experienced. Reprogramming our brain means changing our way of doing things in order to consciously direct ourselves to push ourselves towards new things, people, situations beneficial to us … For that we must stop seeing and thinking always in the same way, we must make ourselves Master of ourselves. Knowing how to face our fears at 90% mental, go ahead, decide, change the way we approach things. The unconscious brain is the "hidden" part of the engine in which we have to go to put our hands to get out what does not pose us a problem: our fears, our negative thoughts, our anger, our sadness and for some, to know the sources of these causes will allow for fundamental awareness.

For that we have a great tool: the conscious brain. Thanks to our new way of seeing things, to think them, to say them and to activate them, step by step we will change all our interior universe and therefore our unconscious. This real dashboard in which we have multiple navigation controls will allow us to get in working order.

Actions to be taken

  • Physics by breathing and activities where our body will be able to practice and take back all its place, and by listening to its feelings
  • Mental by a determined new attitude and persevering founded positive psychology, understanding of what this implies and integration in everyday life
  • Emotional to evacuate those negative emotions that devour our energy
  • Spiritual in finding the meaning of our presence on earth

Give back to the heart all its place

The heart is much more powerful than the brain. It manages by itself the circulation of our blood, the 12000 liters of air that we breathe, absorbs the emotions precisely and regulates the heart rate. It has an electrical power three times greater than the brain and knows better than anyone by intuition what is good for us. He is the source of empathy, love, all positive emotions. Our heart perceives by the energy it generates (aura) of people and our environment information that our initial brain is unable to feel.

Restore all your interest

Serotonin, the hormone of emotions, is secreted at more than 95% in our belly. So we know today that the belly is the center of our emotions. Do not we say fear in the stomach? The intestines have their own neural network composed of 200 million neurons directly related to the brain. These neurons are largely used to manage and organize the digestive process which allowed to relieve the brain "of origin", to focus on all faculties related to memory, learning, motor skills … The information that we perceive by the belly are even faster than those that take place at the cerebral level. We also know that digestion consumes about 20 to 30% of our energy and that emotions are also big consumers. As an indication, 1 minute of anger imposes on the body a duration of 300 minutes to regain the previous level of energy. Tests and research conducted by Chinese medicine and acupuncture have recently greatly reduced the problems caused by diseases of Alzeihmer and Parkinson's through abdominal acupuncture techniques. We also know that these diseases could be completely cured by these techniques if we could diagnose them at the first signs precursors.

The goal is to align our 3 command centers "Our 3 brains" to find our real power without ever being disturbed by any of the three. All of this involves finding activities to develop their health and good functioning. Result: we can extend our lifespan since we know from now on that according to epigenetics, innovative repetitive patterns for the brain can recreate the plasticity of the brain and neurons but also cells and even impact positive DNA.

3 Letting go and self-confidence

Once we have already done a real introspection, we have understood the places where it was wise to take action. We have to let it go. To stop intervening on everything, to want to control everything, to wait from the outside for everything we need to find in us. Letting go is totally different from abandonment. To let go is to let go after one has tried everything, the abandonment is not even to have tried. The first virtue of letting go is self-confidence. When we allow ourselves to let go, we give ourselves the opportunity to let the best happen and to have no doubt.

If you can not manage let go, it is that you must develop your confidence in yourself. Self-confidence depends on how we manage our apprehensions and fears, how we manage our emotions and how we deal with ourselves. Lack of self-confidence usually hides a lack of self-assertion – related to the impact of emotions – and a lack of self-esteem – how do you like? What would you give us in truth to the love you have? What image are you referring to? Big questions …

stephane dabas

Stéphane Dabas – Wellness Coach

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