Pink bra is launched for the cause of breast cancer prevention

The Pink Bra, symbol of an educational and social campaign created by Fleury Medicina e Saúde to remind women since adolescence about the importance of prevention when it comes to health, will be marketed by Riachuelo stores from September 26th.

THE lingerie with a patterned weave inspired by the pink bow, a worldwide icon in the fight against breast cancer, will have all the net income from the sale reverted to the Amparo Maternal Hospital, an entity selected by Fleury, considered a humanization model for women's health and which it performs on average 480 deliveries per month.

“Fleury is an ally of doctors and their patients in the fight against cancer. The success of any prevention strategy depends on the engagement of people in this cause. For this reason, we developed this campaign, which uses the bra as a symbol of awareness for women of different generations ”, says Mariana Tolovi, executive director of Institutional Relations, Commercial and Marketing at Grupo Fleury.

The piece was designed for different ages and profiles, ideal for those looking for comfort and freedom. As it has no stitching or zipper, it accommodates all types of busts and its bowl can be removed. The pieces will be on sale in Riachuelo stores throughout Brazil and also in the brand's e-commerce ( at a unit price of R $ 39.90.

“Making our structure available to contribute to a cause as important as breast cancer prevention is gratifying to us. Recalling that all the profit from the sales of Sutiã Rosa in our stores will be reverted to Amparo Maternal, a philanthropic institution that is a reference in women's health ”, says Marcella Kanner, Marketing Manager at Riachuelo.

“Being part of a project so important for Brazilian women and that contributes to the awareness of breast cancer and health care is a great recognition of the work done by us at the Hospital. The donation that we will receive will contribute even more to continue with a reference service for pregnant women and mothers in the community and also in conditions of social vulnerability that need this assistance so much ”, says Fernanda Allucci, executive director of Amparo Maternal.

The campaign in favor of women's health brings slogan ‘The movement against breast cancer doesn’t go out of style’ based on the Fleury brand Health is Power concept – expressed in this initiative by the hashtag # Saúdeépoder.

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The initiative also has an exclusive hotsite for more information:


Breast cancer is the most common type among women in the world and in Brazil, after non-melanoma skin, accounting for approximately 28% of new cases each year. Relatively rare before age 35, its incidence grows progressively above this age, especially after age 50. INCA (National Cancer Institute) estimated that 58,000 new cases would be diagnosed in 2016 alone.

According to Giselle Mello, a radiologist at the Breast Group at Fleury Medicina e Saúde, Outubro Rosa is another opportunity to raise awareness about women's health. Check out some expert tips:

1) Remember that, regardless of age, health must be taken care of, consulting a doctor regularly and choosing the specialty that makes the most sense with the current moment of life. It can be a pediatrician, a general practitioner or a gynecologist, for example;

2) See a doctor immediately if you notice any abnormalities in the breast;

3) Visit the gynecologist regularly, on average once a year;

4) Perform the necessary exams, such as mammography from 40 years old;

5) Clarify women in your social circle about the importance of breast cancer prevention.

Fleury will not receive any financial resources arising from this action. In this project, the company has the role of an idealizing and facilitating institution, having established a partnership with Riachuelo for the making and commercial viability of the ‘Sutiã Rosa’ with all the net income going to Amparo Maternal.

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