Parque da Mônica promotes Spring Workshop

Parque da Mônica has prepared an activity to delight the whole family. Until the end of October, visitors will be able to participate in the Special Spring Workshop and celebrate the most colorful season of the year.

In the activity, the children will receive, at the entrance of Atelier da Marina, a styrofoam cup, which is recyclable, does not pollute the environment and does not contaminate the soil, to paint and customize their own vase. Then the little ones will put in soil or cotton and plant their sunflower seeds.

To celebrate the children's month, the Park will open more days a week, except on Mondays. On holidays, October 12th, and on weekends, Parque da Mônica will be open from 11 am to 7 pm, with special hours on days 13 and 14, when the park will be open from 11 am to 8 pm.

The program also includes the new musical “Mônica Azul”, whose main mission is to raise awareness around diversity, in addition to providing a lot of fun for visitors.

At Parque da Mônica, fun is guaranteed for the whole family!


Monica's Park
Shopping SP Market – Av. Das Nações Unidas 22.540 – São Paulo – SP
Operation: according to the calendar available on the park's website (


Single entry: R $ 77,00
Package for two people: R $ 198.00
Package for three people: R $ 294.00
Package for four people: R $ 388.00
Package for five people: R $ 480.00
Entire individual: R $ 154.00
Pregnant women: R $ 40.00
Seniors and people with disabilities pay half-price: R $ 77.00
Disabled persons exempt from payment
Children under 12 pay half-price: R $ 77.00

Excursion package:

On-site parking (outside shopping area) – paid separately.

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