Obesity and overweight – Effects on self-esteem, morale and confidence

The impact of overweight on self-esteem

Most overweight people have a bad image of themselves. To escape all kinds of moral torment, they are ready to follow any diet to lose weight. They do not realize that their mental fragility can be at the root of their physical state. It may also reduce their chance of losing weight and cause much more serious problems such as a loss of weight.self esteem.

The psychological problems causing weight gain

According to numerous scientific studies, the weight gain is often the result of a psychological problem or moral suffering. In fact, people who face daily stressful or distressing situations are more at risk of being overweight. These negative feelings cause great moral suffering that triggers the victim's appetite. To appease their suffering or calm their fear, they swallow a large amount of food, including sweets. It is quite normal that they gain weight.

Depression, anger, guilt and frustration can also have the same consequences. But the ferocious appetite can also be a bad habit acquired since childhood. Many parents have a tendency to force their children with food. They feel a great pleasure seeing them eat a lot. What they do not know is that it will increase the child's appetite. It will be impossible for him to control himself and to restrain himself when he is in front of a food. The child will be tempted by nibbling. Not eating a lot will frustrate him. To get out of this situation, he needs psychological support.

The consequence of weight gain on self-esteem

To begin, we must try to define what theself esteem. In fact, it is the judgment that an individual makes of himself following a self-evaluation. A much more practical term is your ability to recognize your values ​​and weaknesses. Several factors can skew your judgment. This is the case of overweight. Indeed, most people who have a few extra pounds are ugly and undesirable.

The cause of this malaise is poor self-esteem. It must be said that the standards imposed by the media, professionals in the world of fashion and society have poisoned things. They tend to say that to be beautiful or beautiful, you have to be thin. As a result, overweight individuals feel an excruciating fear of revealing their voluptuous body. In fact, they fear the mocking glance or accusing judgments of others; although in general they are just preconceived ideas. Over time, their overweight will become a major problem that will completely wipe out self-esteem. Victims will have poor judgment of themselves. They think they are inferior to others. Their psychological state will become more fragile over time and they may gain more weight.

For these people, the chance of regaining a normal weight remains slim. Why ? Simply because dieting can cause even more frustration especially when the goal is unrealistic. It should be noted that overweight people with low self-esteem dream ofeliminate their extra pounds quickly.

Successful regime with high morale

Overweight people often think that the fact of losing weight will help them feel better. But that's a misconception. The point to keep in mind is that self-esteem is not forged by a single factor. It is something that you acquire from birth and it depends on many parameters.

This explains why some overweight individuals do not feel frustrated. They get to have a normal life and bloom well despite their extra pounds. All this to tell you that trying to losing weight to overcome the malaise that is eating away at you or to get a better picture of yourself is a mistake. With this perception of things, you will be unable to reach your goal. On the contrary, you will expose yourself to a much bigger problem. Thus, it is essential to start a slimming diet with a good morale. In this way, it is easier to overcome the stress caused by the diet.

We must not forget that not eating the things we love or having to reduce the amount of food is far from pleasant. Moreover, with a good psychological state, you will not have this desire to lose weight by any means and in the shortest time. You will do things rationally and well thought out. The result will be much more satisfying.

The importance of choosing the slimming solution to adopt

Of course, having a good psychological state is not enough. For losing weight, it is necessary above all to follow a regime effective and adapted to its profile. Banking on slimming programs offered on the web is strongly discouraged. Certainly, most of these diets give amazing results. Some allow to lose several pounds in a few weeks, even a few days. However, they often produce the yo-yo effect and various health problems caused by the lack of essential nutrients.

To lose weight safely, you must first consult your doctor to perform a medical checkup. Then it is recommended to contact a dietician. Such an expert is able to choose the most appropriate plan for your state of health and the objective to achieve. He can even guide you in the choice of food or the preparation of meals.

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To benefit from tailor-made support, you can also join a specialized institution such as the slimming center. The purpose of this type of establishment is not to help customers lose weight, but rather to teach them to have a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the center offers effective slimming programs developed by health professionals. It is much easier to reach the goal when one is entitled to better care.

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