NESCAU honors women's football in new campaign

This Wednesday (12/14), NESCAU launches an exciting campaign for 2nd edition of the NESCAU Cup. In the video, broadcast on the brand's Facebook and YouTube, NESCAU highlights its values ​​of equality and democracy in sport when honoring a women's soccer team, A.D. Olympic Center, who won an unprecedented event in July this year: without grassroots tournaments to compete, asked for authorization from the organization of the Copa Moleque Travesso and won the championship, played only by male teams.

With the victory, the Olympic Center reinforced the importance of equality and democratic spaces in sport and showed that there is no disadvantage in participating in men's competitions. Due to the team's remarkable achievement, NESCAU decided to recognize the achievement in a moving way with the participation of an athlete who is a reference in the sport: Cafu, captain of the five-time national soccer team.

Without knowing what was to come, the girls were invited to attend one of the stages of the 2nd NESCAU Cup, held in São Paulo, when Cafu surprised them with the delivery of a trophy specially made for them. Instead of carrying, on top, a traditional representation of a male player, there was a female player as a symbol of the girls' victory.

In addition to Cafu's participation, the campaign also includes images and testimonials from the coach, from the athletes' families and also from the referee of the Copa Moleque Travesso, who were surprised by the team's achievement.


NESCAU believes that the practice of sports is a fundamental tool to strengthen the self-confidence of children and adolescents, contributing to their healthy development.

To provide and encourage increasingly democratic and egalitarian spaces in sport, NESCAU held in São Paulo, for the second consecutive year, the NESCAU Cup, school championship that brings together students from public and private schools in the capital of São Paulo, in stages distributed among the four regions of the city. The sports contemplated are volleyball, handball, futsal and basketball, played by women's, men's and mixed teams, where all athletes must participate in at least one match.

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