Natura starts offering nursery also for children of collaborating parents

With the objective of encouraging the strengthening of the bond between parents and children, Natura will expand the attendance of the nursery in its offices to employees who are parents, from February 2019. The initiative reinforces the importance of active parenting and gender equity , themes related to the company's diversity and inclusion policy.

The so-called new masculinity has been expanding the role of men in society and family dynamics. From the advancement in discussions and actions related to gender equity, men became more present and co-responsible for raising their children. Natura, in turn, reinforces this debate with activations through the Natura Homem and Papai e Bebê brands.

Recently, the company started installing heat exchangers in men's bathrooms in restaurants in some cities across Brazil. In addition, since June 2016, the company has been offering paid paternity leave of up to 40 days, which can be extended to 70 if the employee decides to amend with the vacation. The initiative also applies to same-sex couples and in cases of adoption.

“We believe in the importance of active parenting, not only as a way to achieve gender equity, but mainly by creating a stronger bond between parents and children – fundamental for an affectionate relationship and better child development”, explains Marcos Milazzo, director Recognition and Reward Program.

The current structure of the nursery within Natura has existed for 18 years, in Cajamar, in order to strengthen the mother's bond with the child by enabling the contact of the employee with the child during the work period. The same service was made available at CDSP – Centro de Distribuição São Paulo in 2013, and just over a year ago it also serves the children of Nasp employees, the administrative headquarters opened in the same space. Each unit has a team and structure capable of serving 110 children aged from four months to three years.

Natura Headquarters, in São Paulo (Natura / Disclosure)

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