Mauricio de Sousa launches Turma da Mônica at the age of 12

The newest magazine by Mauricio de Sousa Produções, Turma da Mônica Geração 12, has a date set to debut. The first of the Mangá MSP seal to be published by Panini, will be available in major bookstores and newsstands in the country next month, in addition to the Panini website at a price of R $ 14.90, which is already with pre-sales active .

The publication will present an alternative reality and will show the adventures of the first generation of 12-year-old students studying at the Astro Institute for Space Exploration. Clearing space, however, is a necessity: the Earth is becoming uninhabitable and humanity must move to other planets.

"They will meet aliens, learn to use high-tech equipment called voguel, walk through a room without gravity and prepare to travel through space, like Astronauta Pereira", reveals Mauricio de Sousa.

To start the process of preparing the material, a large team of creators was selected to write and draw the story in a different way than they already worked. “All the creative work is being done as a team, which allows the magazine to be born in a different way than we have done before”, concludes Mauricio. According to the designer, each edition of Monica's Generation 12 it will be like a TV episode and the audience will be able to check the continuation of the story in the following editions. There will be six episodes per season, with bimonthly release.

The public can take advantage of the news of this launch at the Panini Store, and find out all about this new success, such as the free download platforms for the zero edition.

Technical sheet Monica's Generation 12

  • Format: 13.7 x 200 mm
  • Structure: 4 covers + 96 pages
  • Cover: color
  • Core: PB
  • Frequency: bimonthly
  • Official release: 12/07/2019
  • Distribution: national
  • Price: R $ 14.90

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