Mattel launches line Jurassic World: Kingdom Threatened

Toy sets and famous action figures from Imaginext they have already taken children on various adventures with superheroes, pirates, treasure hunts, at sea and now they reach the world of dinosaurs. The characters of the film Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom have just won collectible versions of the brand Imaginext, gives Mattel.

Now, children can recreate their favorite moments from the movie and have fun with this unprecedented line. The products are inspired by the electrifying world of dinosaurs and bring the basic figures of the T-Rex, of Indoraptor It's from Dilophosaurus, in addition to the characters in the feature film such as Claire and yoursGiosphere, which she uses to escape threats in the film.

Discover all the products in the Imaginext Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom line:

Imaginext Dinosaur Assortment

The most beloved dinosaurs from the movie Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom, T-rex, Stigimologi, Raptor Orange and Blu and Compies, in collectible miniatures. Suggested price: R $ 29,99

Imaginext Jurassic T. Rex Dinosaur

This dinosaur has eyes that change color from green to red, “depending on your mood”, articulated mouth and buttons that allow different movements to make the game even more exciting! It included support base, projectile launcher, two projectiles, quad bike figure and Owen and dinosaur figure. Suggested price: R $ 899.99

Imaginext Jurassic Indoraptor Dinosaur

He's on the loose! With the activation disk turning, the angry dinosaur can be sent forward by stepping on it. Put Owen on the quad and send him running for action! Roll the ATV in front of the dinosaur to provoke it into chase mode – the faster the vehicle rolls, the faster the Indoraptor will chase! Rotate the activation dial to send the dinosaur forward. The Indoraptor has two forward speeds: walking or accelerated speed. Suggested price: R $ 499.99

Imaginext's purpose is to stimulate the imagination, encourage and expand the narratives of the little ones, contributing to children's development at the time of play. And fun doesn't end with toys. It is also extended to the brand's digital platforms that provide videos with super cool stories in which the main characters are Imaginext toys on the brand's YouTube channel.

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