Mattel expands Justice League product line

New characters Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash have versions of 15 and 30 centimeters with up to 14 points of articulations

Mattel has a complete line of Justice League products, with 15 and 30 cm dolls with up to 14 points of articulation. They are caricatures of the characters and also dolls inspired by the contents created for cinema and TV. Now, the brand's portfolio gains new models: action figures based on the Justice League film. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash have versions with several articulations, making the game even more dynamic.

Discover the Justice League Mattel product line

Inspired by the movie Batman Vs Superman: The Origin of Justice ™, the 30cm figures have nine points of articulation, details faithful to the film, costumes, decorations and covers. Suggested Price: R $ 59,99

The line features Batman's main armor with a caricature look! The products have greater articulation – including a new knee joint, with a total of 11 points. Suggested Price: R $ 59,99

These are the 30cm figures from the Batman line! This line features the main characters of the Justice League with a caricature look. The products come with more joints, including a new knee joint (closing a total of 11 stitches). Suggested Price: R $ 59,99

This superitem features an assortment of five different Justice League action figures. Figures are available in 15cm size. The figures are articulated and come with all the details of each character. Suggested Price: R $ 39,99

30cm action figures based on Batman ™ and Joker designs have knee joints, bringing more fun and possibilities for positions. They also come with classic accessories, which can be placed on the figures, such as armor and weapons. Suggested Price: R $ 99.99

Batman and Superman have 11 points of articulation, soft covers and accessories that fit together and can be used as armor and equipment. Accessories can be exchanged between the assortment figures, creating innovative transformations! Suggested Price: R $ 99.99

30 cm Batman ™! Comes with several transformations, seven points of articulation, characteristic costume and plastic cover that, when activated, raises and turns into great wings! Just squeeze the legs of the figure to activate. The chest lights up with a blue LED light and makes characteristic sounds Suggested Price: R $ 189.99

Justice League Movie Line:

30cm Action Figures from the movie Justice League, with updated styles and costumes, in addition to 11 points of articulation. Suggested Price: R $ 59,99

This assortment comes with four characters on a 30cm scale, with lights and sounds! Suggested Price: R $ 189.99

The joke is complete when we pit the villain against the hero! Batman versus Stepenwolf! Suggested Price: R $ 149.99

15cm Action Figures with 14 points of articulation and battle accessories. There will be 16 different action figures! Suggested Price: R $: 69,99

About Mattel do Brasil

Installed in the country since 1998, Mattel do Brasil operates in the development of children's brands, leaders in almost all segments in which they operate. Its portfolio includes widely known names such as Fisher-Price, Barbie, Monster High, Polly, Hot Wheels and Max Steel. Known for acting in the development, manufacture, sale of toys and accessories, constant investments in innovation, media, promotions and for the close partnership with its customers, Mattel is one of the main companies in the sector. Present in more than 25 thousand points of sale, it contributes to the generation of jobs in retail, in the logistics sector and in the service area throughout Brazil. Brand licensing is another important focus of the company's operations in the country. Currently, more than 80% of items licensed under the Barbie, Hot Wheels, Polly, Monster High, Ever After High, Max Steel, Fisher Price and Thomas and Friends brands are produced locally, through a network of more than 60 companies from different segments.


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