LynLee Boemer, the baby who was born twice

This morning I was surprised by an unbelievable TV report: A baby, she was born twice.

This story happened in Texas.

LynLee Boemer weighed only 530 grams when she was removed from her mother's uterus to perform vital surgery because a routine ultrasound showed in the 16th week of pregnancy that she had a spinal tumor. The tumor called sacrococcygeal teratoma that could cause her death was shutting down her heart and causing her to go into heart failure.

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<p style=Therefore, at 23 weeks and five days of gestation, the “First Birth” was performed.

The surgery, which lasted more than five hours, removed 90% of the tumor from the fetus. In many moments of the operation, LynLee Boemer's heart practically stopped and had to undergo resuscitation and even blood transfusion. After surgery, the fetus was placed back in the mother's belly.

The mother needed to rest for the next 12 weeks so that on June 6 Lynlee Boemer could “be born a second time”

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<p style=After birth, the baby was taken to a neonatal intensive care unit for an evaluation to verify that she was healthy. As it was not possible to remove the entire tumor in the first surgery, at eight days of age, LynLee Boemer underwent another operation to remove the remaining part. And after a few weeks in the ICU she finally went home.

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