Learn to be comfortable speaking?

learn to speak orally at ease

How to succeed in public speaking without the stress of doing things wrong or saying things wrong? What are the tips for captivating an audience and learning to speak well in front of others? How to learn to be comfortable speaking and mastering negative emotions every time?

Hello everyone and welcome to this article. I am Alexandre Cormont, personal development coach since 2007 and lecturer. I wanted to share with you all my experience to help you take control of your emotions but also to help you learn to be comfortable speaking in all circumstances.

During my coaching, I met men and women who said to me "Alex, I can easily get sociable and meet new people but I am not able to be comfortable with oral especially in front of strangers, is it learned? ".

The answer is yes ! Unfortunately this is not an apprenticeship that we realize at school and that's a shame.

In my opinion, it is very important to be able to succeed in public speaking without being afraid or letting emotions take over. To achieve this, I will give you all my advice but I will also discuss my personal experience so that you are able to take action quickly and easily.

Attention all the same, all the people who make the "stage" and who speak orally before dozens or thousands of people always feel a little bit of stress. This is what I call "good stress". So do not put too much pressure on your shoulders to avoid suppressing all emotions, it just would not be possible.

If you have questions or want to share your situation, do not hesitate to do so in the comments, I will be happy to answer you.

Start by being comfortable with your loved ones!

My first advice for being comfortable speaking is to set some small challenges when you talk to your loved ones. For my part, when I made the decision to improve my communication, I focused on captivating attention. I wanted my parents and friends to look me in the eye and be fully aware of my words and what I was saying.

That's why I invite you immediately to set a challenge per week to be more comfortable with all your loved ones.

This step will allow you later to build a more impactful communication and therefore to be fully comfortable speaking in all circumstances.

You can do anything to get a smile from your loved ones when you talk, to try out different body language or tone of voice. In fact your mission is to become aware of all the important details of a speech to feel fully at ease.

learn to be comfortable speaking

Everything is played in seconds …

I know it sounds crazy but when you talk about being comfortable speakingyou have to know that everything is played during the first 30 seconds. If you stand in front of a group of people, are smiling, have your shoulders straight and a tone of voice that carries then you will have already achieved 90% of your presentation in a few seconds.

On the other hand, if you arrive tense, your gaze is fleeing down, your voice is almost inaudible, so your impact will not necessarily be the same. That's why I recommend you take a ROUTINE before you start every public speaking.

This is the best advice I received in training, that of creating habits, having a ritual of mine, in order to be prepared and above all confident in the idea of ​​taking the floor. It's as if I'm still in my living room or with close friends I could trust even when I find myself on stage in front of hundreds of men and women I do not know, I get to to enter my bubble.

What will be your routine to be comfortable from the first seconds? I am waiting for your comments !

Training is mandatory to be comfortable speaking!

Once again, I think there is nothing more important than knowing that you are ready and that you have all the capabilities to succeed. Whether it's during a professional meeting or for his birthday speech, you have to work the art of preparing a few standard phrases that will help you to be comfortable under the eyes of others and also to handle humor.

I invite you to train until everything becomes natural and you take a real pleasure to speak in public.

I want this notion of pleasure or well-being to be in the center of your attention because to succeed in being comfortable, you must be relaxed and at the same time take happiness to achieve. an oral intervention.

If you do not take advantage of the present moment then it will be more difficult to captivate the attention and to feel confident. We can not be good at something we do not like.

By cons you can train now to succeed every public speaking, each presentation. For that I will simply ask you to repeat and film yourself. You can have a direct look at your performance even if it's never easy to look at yourself.

But I stress too much when I speak in public!

This is the reflection I always hear in coaching. First, with all the tips I have just given you, you can begin to avoid stress to leave room for serenity.

Then you have to know that you always have a huge challenge. You do not want to just do a good oral performance, but rather you want everyone to admire you and totally agree with your thoughts.

Just that happens too rarely and especially you put a huge pressure on your shoulders.

I think it is high time for you not to focus on overly important goals but on the contrary to simply have fun to be comfortable speaking.

By acting in this way, you can evolve at your own pace until you become a speaker or speaker who impacts the crowds.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

It's up to you now!


Alexandre CORMONT

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