Lar Mar will transform cigarette butts into surfboards

Lar Mar will collect cigarette butts at its physical point located in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in São Paulo, and transform them from surfboards. On site, there is a reservoir where customers can leave the cigarettes that will be destined for the action. For every three thousand butts collected, a board will be created by shaper Neco Carbone.

“Our goal is to make people stop throwing butts on the floor. Our customers accepted the action in an incredible way. In just one weekend, we have already managed to gather more than a thousand butts, ”says Felipe Árias, founder of Lar Mar.

Arias says that the collection of butts will be a continuous action at Lar Mar and that the boards manufactured there will not be sold. “All will be donated to surf schools for underprivileged children in the city of Santos and Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo.

The initiative was inspired by the Taylor Lane industrial design ‘Cigarette Board’ project, which built the first surfboard with the material and won several sustainability awards in the United States. One of the ambassadors for the project was musician Jack Johnson who tested one of the boards produced with four thousand butts found on California beaches. The Lar Mar bar is located at Rua João Moura, 613 and it is possible to empty cigarette butts from Wednesday to Sunday.

Photo Reproduction Cigarette Board