Is it possible to change to a healthy life after 30?

As time passes and our responsibilities increase through a hectic routine, physical activity is often left aside in our lives for a long time. The question that remains is: Is it possible to resume an exercise routine or is there any age limit for the pursuit of a healthier life? The answer, according to the doctor and technical director of Eden Clinic, in Curitiba, Marcia Simões, is no. "Regardless of age, physical activity is always beneficial unless the person has any medical restrictions".

Marcia says: “Better late than never”.

After the age of 30 we began to observe, according to the doctor, a decrease in muscle mass and the speed of metabolism and an increase in body fat. “Some studies show that an adult loses an average of 200g of muscle per year and gains 600g of body fat when he does not abuse food, so we can no longer eat what we ate before, or eat the same amount and still weight increase. At this point, reducing food consumption and starting physical activity is fundamental, to circumvent physiology and stay healthy and with the body you want ”, he advises.

Today, according to the doctor's instructions – who radically changed her life, making her healthy with exercise practices and conscious nutrition and, in the same way, encourages her patients – the options for physical activity are endless. “An excellent choice for those who don't like traditional weight training are martial arts, classes that last an average of 1 hour, have a frequency of 2 to 5x per week and burn many calories on average 600 to up to 1000 calories per class, an excellent exercise for those who want to lose those extra pounds gained over time, in addition to being extremely pleasurable activities that release a large amount of endorphins in our organism that bring us relaxation and reduce stress ”, says Marcia.

With the doctor's motto, “it's never too late to change your life”, take advantage of that free time at lunch or after work and start a physical activity, appropriating the benefits it provides in your body, and keep it that way, always active and healthy.


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