How to succeed without working?

If I tell you often that everything is possible, it is still important to stay in the realist realm and understand that some values ​​can not be ignored, put aside when highlighting your own definition of success.

It is true that happiness is personal. Let everyone see noon at his door. But are you sure you can be happy without getting your hands dirty?

Succeed without working VS succeed in life without doing anything

Man is a proud being. A being of challenge, of challenge. In any case, the biggest success stories are related to this idea. Now I have an important idea: you can make a successful life without working … but not without doing anything.

A stay-at-home mom does not "work" economically. Yet she has a basic mission : take care of your children. To raise them, to give them the fundamental values ​​that will make them individuals capable of assuming strong responsibilities.

Achievement is a natural need. You need stimulation. To create financial systems, to invest, to live with one's passion … all this is sometimes considered as "something else" rather than a job in the strict sense of the word.

But that's still activities.

Succeeding without working … it's not doing nothing

You understand the thin line that exists between not working and doing nothing. If you are a follower of procrastination, you will not succeed in your life.

However, you can very well have an activity that is not considered professional and that brings you money (like a strong stock market activity for example).

In the best case, you will combine both. But in any case, you must obviously realize that to succeed without working life, it is still necessary to make efforts, struggling.

If you just thought to fan your toes by the pool while waiting for success to come to a silver platter … rethink your vision of success. Because nothing happens without being provoked.

We always find what we are looking for … the important thing is to be honest with ourselves and to know exactly what we are looking for!

Be happy yes, but be naive, no. Do not be fooled. Take action!

What do you think?

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