How to succeed in your life without diplomas?

This is a subject that often comes back to coaching. An excuse I would say.

Because often, the lack of knowledge is considered as a brake by the individual. Have you ever hesitated to apply for a job because of the degree requested?

Certainly … and how many times did you tell yourself that this knowledge, you could get around it, get it without validating a piece of paper that does not mean much?

To succeed without diplomas is quite possible … and you have many examples in history (Einstein, Depardieu, Lucchini …). So do not stop at an idea that is nothing but a monumental stupidity.

What is a diploma in the background?

A piece of paper … that justifies learning in the best case … the presence of an exam in the least good. Do you think that all graduates have perfect mastery of all the attractions of the name of their course?

Obviously no … And even if it did … success is not something you learn on school benches. It's not a diploma, however formal and pompous, that will decide your life.

Do you really think that having validated knowledge helps you adapt to the challenges of your day? Improve your understanding?

Why you will succeed without diplomas

Because you do not want to hide behind groundless excuses. Be careful, I'm not telling you to stop studying. Learning is important. To train your analytical mind, your ability to think.

But this learning is not necessarily provided by the school system. And it is not the exam that decides your abilities, your degree of professionalism.

As I told you, the school of life will teach you more than any university. The diploma is a plus. An accessory. An advantage. But in no way a condition for success.

The condition is the motivation, the desire to realize one's dreams. Not to stop at the limitations set by the company or your irrational fears.

Yes you can succeed without diplomas. But for that you have to trust yourself. Give you the space and the opportunity to talk about your potential.

Will you have the courage to be yourself?

What do you think?

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