How to succeed in life?

As you can imagine, here is a question that keeps coming up. Often. And whose answer is more surprising than the one you can expect.

Why ? Because you think maybe in financial terms. Or at least strategic. Whoever asks this kind of question wants a plan. A method.

But most importantly, the meaning of such a question is what lies behind it. This is something deeper… something that you really have to answer!

How to succeed in life VS how to succeed YOUR life?

We're all different. All extraordinary. We have skills, desires, motivations, different goals.

To succeed in your life, you will not have to do it in the same way as your neighbor to make his own.

What you need to understand is that the panel of efforts to be made and strategies to use really depends on your goals. In your way of perceiving the world. What are you waiting for? And finally, who you are from

Succeed in life: it wants everything and nothing to say

In addition to the goals that animate the individual, we are constructed beings. Influenced. By our education. By our environment too. So you, like any other individual, a system of values.

And the definition of the expression be successful in life evolves according to these. Perhaps you are looking for wealth first. Or love. Or family life. Or tranquility.

There is no happiness. A success. There are as many as there are individuals.

So to understand how to succeed in life, we must understand what we really want and follow these values ​​that drive us. Money is only important for the one who gives it importance.

The only thing that any individual will agree on is that in order to succeed, efforts must be made. Maintain a strong motivation.

Design a detailed action plan. And never let go. Because we never really know how far from what we call success we are …

How to succeed with happiness?

To ask oneself this kind of thing is to look for a way, a way to move forward. And in that sense, it's a very good thing. What I notice with time and experience is that the notion of happiness is surrounded by mystery. As if we did not want to understand it and getting close to it was dangerous.

What about your happiness? Is it hidden by a smoke screen? Is it difficult to define? To make a success of your life, it is obviously on the notions of desire and goals that you have to look … but without forgetting the specificity that makes you who you are.

Succeed with happiness: a state of mind first and foremost

Take a test. Go to bed tonight, persuading yourself that you are happy. That everything is fine in your life. That the obstacles that you face to you are elements that you must not fear, because they will allow you to showcase your potential, your inner strength.

Endorse with this conviction. Getting up tomorrow morning, decides to have a good day. To approach this new cycle with a smile. Stay calm and open. For you and to others. Show your joie de vivre to the people around you.

And at the end of the day, take stock. From your experiences Of your relations. From your spirit state. And you will see that to succeed with happiness begins with a decision: to be happy and to make it a way of life.

What do you want ?

What matters is not responding to the canons of what television or your environment. There is no success. There is no objective. There is only what you want in the depths of you. Your values, your desires and what you do to follow them.

To succeed with happiness is simply to follow His ideal, not that of others. And if it seems obvious to you reading me … it is nevertheless something that is worth repeating as the influences around us are numerous and sometimes push us to mislead.

How to succeed in life?

The subject is vast, the pressure enormous, the questioning incessant. When one wonders how to succeed in life, images fuse, fears too. Success, she sometimes seems enter a frame. To come from a ready made image.

Let me guess, when we talk to you about success, you see:

  • A family
  • A big house
  • A big dog
  • A big car
  • A well-stocked bank account

But what about your dreams? Would you be willing to sacrifice them to satisfy a cliché imposed by our society?

Succeed in life VS succeed TA life

If we all have dreams of greatness, the latter can not have the same meaning for us. We're all different. Pleasure, joy and accomplishment therefore depend on factors that are unique to us.

Which of the following two individuals succeeds in your life:

  • The trader who earns millions but lives in stress, loneliness, image worship and is unable to start a family
  • The former banker who left his environment to move to the other side of the world and make wooden statuettes?

Happiness does not depend on money. It stems from the ability to match his daily life with his dream, his craziest desire. For some, the trader's life is the image of success. For others, it's going away.

Before you ask "how to succeed in life" you should ask yourself exactly what you want to do with your life.

Succeed in life: you are the only judge

Success is always valued by others. But in fact, no one has the legitimacy to judge your experience. It is not necessary to have a completely marginal existence to be happy.

An employee who is married and has two children may have more satisfaction in his life than a wealthy landowner or entrepreneur brewing millions.

What matters to succeed in life is to be able to to look at oneself in the mirror and to tell oneself that every day, one builds oneself according to one's desires and not those of others.

So I'm going back to the question: how do you think it's possible to succeed in life? You and you alone have the answer. Never forget that.

How to succeed after a divorce?

In a society where image is the guarantor of credibility and legitimacy, the love separation is experienced as a failure. It is considered as proof of our inability to be happy. To make the other happy. So, how to go back?

Failure is something that weighs. Because it comes with a heavy look. Of a difficult judgment to bear. Moreover, if you listen around you, you will see that the word failure (or success) returns much more often than the word experience.

But who prevents you from changing your point of view? To free yourself from the pressures of your environment? No one. And thankfully, because that's how you go about making a good living after a divorce.

From failure to learning

A conflictual situation, difficult, is not a shadow on the table of your life. It's also a great opportunity to bounce. To succeed after a divorce, one must be objective when analyzing the path taken.

Everything in this relationship was not negative. You learned things. You now know what you want and what you do not want anymore in a romantic exchange. By definition, going through a separation gives confidence in its definition of the ideal partner and causes a sense of freedom.

And it is this light, this positive that we must not forget to weigh in the balance.

Change is a test … not a brake

Change is scary. Because instinctively, we focus on what we lose rather than what we can win. Safety, comfort, habit, all this is called into question at the time of start a new life.

Is it negative for all that? You can not say it. What is certain is that in order to succeed after a divorce, one must assume the desire. In itself, this decision makes you move from a situation that was no longer liveable to something new.

It's a building site. There is reconstruction work to be done. But is not that too, life? The few months following the formalization of the separation mark the beginning of a mourning to be done.

And once it crossed, it's really a second existence that begins. With its highs, its low but also a lot of certainties acquired on the way. Thanks to this relationship finally more rewarding than it seems.

How to succeed in your life as a couple?

This question is asked all … at the moment of to live a separation. Because let's be honest, it's often when it's too late that we begin to think about the behaviors we would have or could adopt to avoid going into the wall.

To succeed as a couple is obviously a necessity after which we all run. And it's also a daily challenge. For strangely, when one settles in a relationship, one realizes that one changes, little by little. That what we did with pleasure and drive to seduce the other, it is considered a chore over time.

You understand it, once again, it is in you that you will find the tools to spread happiness and love in your home.

What perception do you have of your couple?

Do you know the difference between your couple 3 years ago, when meeting your partner, and your couple today? This is the habit. The habit you have of each other. By being together, you may not be really paying attention to each other anymore.

It is in any case something that one denotes in many romantic relationships. The routine becomes a weight. And once the passion is over, we begin to analyze ourselves from the angle of mistrust. To think of oneself first. To note in the other what annoys us.

How to avoid that? By thinking about it simply! Ask yourself: how do you consider your partner? Would you really do everything for him / her? What would your life be like without him / her?

Get out of this routine that kills the couple

To succeed in your life as a couple, you have to make an effort. It is implacable logic. If love exists, it is not always enough as a simple feeling. It must be coupled with evidence. To a fierce desire to show the other that you care about him.

When did you last concoct a surprise meal to the elected of your heart? When did you buy him a bouquet of flowers, just for the pleasure of seeing a smile on his lips? When did you go to the restaurant for no reason, rather than stay in front of an episode of your favorite show? When did you have activities, hobbies?

These are the questions to ask yourself … the actions to take into consideration and the feelings to demonstrate. For succeed in life of couple, we must see in the other a pillar, a force, a part of oneself. And not an individual who puts pressure on us.

How to succeed in your family life?

We choose his friends, but we do not choose his family … that perhaps illustrates your situation. Because let's be honest, each family has its secrets, its problems, its relationship difficulties. And in many cases, a facade hides all that.

What is certain is that the family is a welded entity at the heart of which a struggle for the personal affirmation of each of its members exists. It's not necessarily confrontational, thank God. And there are ways for everyone to find something for them.

But I urge you, nevertheless, not to stop at the traditional image that "blood" takes precedence over everything and must make this or that family member prevail over another. Cohesion depends on everyone's efforts. For to succeed in your family life, certain values must therefore be respected.

Self-affirmation must be the subject of a dialogue

There is nothing worse than a community of people who lock themselves into the illusion of loneliness. From the moment when each member of a family thinks that the rest works against him, it is the chaos that reigns.

To avoid this, it is important to leave room for dialogue. Children and parents should be free to talk about their desires, their needs, their fears, what works and does not work.

The freedom to express oneself from the bottom of one's heart and the feeling of being supported, listened to, appreciated, are necessities for a successful life of family. And that goes through communication and compromise (within the reasonable framework of course).

Respect diversity and cement the family group

Conflicts often arise from a kind of rigor, a lack of adaptability of the rules that exist in a family. So of course, discipline is necessary. But maybe she has to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Highlighting family members is a good way to build self-confidence, and in the group itself. Do not hesitate to delegate, not to follow this image of the head of the family who makes the decisions and we follow without daring to pronounce a word.

Recognition helps to find a place in your family

For to succeed in your family lifeeveryone must feel in his place. And for that, the appreciation is necessary. We all need to notice our efforts. Let us ask if we need a hand, or just tell us that we love us.

The family is the nucleus that must be able to to give love and satisfaction to its members. have a positive attitude for your family. Its not always easy. But we too often forget to think in terms of unity rather than entity …

How to make a success of your life without money?

If you listen to the members of your environment, you will soon realize that everyone wants to change their life. Or at least change something. And it makes sense. We want to improve. Take up new challenges. New challenges.

Nevertheless, from this observation, one realizes that two types of reflexes emerge:

– The number of people taking action
– Or the tendency to find excuses

These choices are antithetical. And we are offered every day. Which one do you do?

To succeed in your life without money, you have to have something else: the courage to be honest with yourself … and a desire to take charge.

Succeeding without money: from utopia to reality

If you hear in this formulation become rich without working or making efforts … I invite you to go your way.

I am not a magician. I do not want to lie to you. And lying to yourself is useless either.

Yes, we can make a successful life without money. But not without elbow grease. And that's the first thing to remember for develop the state of mind that will change your life.

Stop hiding and find your way

The lack of financial resources is the first excuse I hear from people who give up. Who think their dreams are too big. Impossible to reach. And then digging, we realize that these people have not put all the chances on their side.

Most did not do anything. No research, no action. They remained at the stage of discussion and even before doing anything, rely on their failure … But how to succeed in these conditions?

You know, we can set up a business with 1 euro. We can benefit from advice, lists of contacts, training, patronage, material or financial assistance for free or almost.

Money makes things easier. But success depends on the effort. Planning. The organization. And this is not the privilege of wealthy people.

To succeed without money, you have to find the courage to face your fears. To smile at risk. And to see in the latter a great opportunity to demonstrate the extent of its potential!

So, what are you waiting for?

How to succeed everything that one undertakes?

Unfortunately, people are mostly interested in the results. And practically only to results. But life is also and above all the battle, the path to success. I am often asked "how to succeed in everything you do". But whoever claims to be able to answer this question is a liar.

Because failure is part of learning. And without him, we would be nothing. We would not be able to appreciate the slightest realization.

The question you are asking yourself is wrong. It demonstrates a lack of realism and will. Nobody succeeds everything. And that's good !

Succeed in everything you do VS create positive momentum

What you're thinking about is certainly those life trajectories that from outside look really sparkling. You think of celebrities, from actors to successful entrepreneurs. And you only see what you want to see. What we show you. In other words, the visible part of the iceberg.

Because behind these success stories, there is some efforts. Opportunities seized. Risks taken.

Positive dynamics are only the result. So yes, money can end up working on its own … but not without creating systems, investment logic. And finally, a well thought out machinery.

Succeed in everything you do: put your feet back on the ground and go to battle

We must learn from mentors. Of coaches. Successful people. But not fall into subjugation either. In the worship of Man without reflection. You have immeasurable riches in you. And all the advice we can give you only serves to open the chest in which they are still locked.

You must remain realistic and not swallow snakes. There is no quick fix. You have to work, make efforts, face obstacles. Do you want to overcome them more easily? It's the practice that will help you. This is learning your field of activity. The desire to develop true expertise, and nothing else.

The secret to "all succeed" is to understand that even in failure there is good. That the path itself is satisfying, rewarding. Pleasant. Former. And once you see your life in this way … the solutions seem immediately more obvious!

How to make a success of your life in the USA?

Going to live abroad is not a decision that is not taken lightly. If expatriate remains a fantasy for some, others have managed to take their courage with both hands and take the plunge. But here, between choosing your host country, organizing your departure and to succeed as an expatriateIt is important to first ask the fundamental question: why do you want to live abroad? You may have multiple answers, but they may not be the right ones. Also, before making this profound change by leaving the French territory to build a new life in the United States, here are some ways that should help you have a better future.

Review your main motivations

A young graduate, newlyweds or a simple businessman, many dream of leaving France for a better life abroad. For the French – which is the case for most Europeans – the US seems to be the promised land. However, it's not enough to just dump everything to make sure you have a dream life. Even before concretizing your project, it is essential to take stock of your main motivations from living in the United States. The interest of this step is to understand what you miss or what blocks in the life that you carry out currently.

While some opt for expatriation to the US as part of their professional career, others simply want to embark on the adventure by trying their luck in a foreign country. Ask yourself what the United States can do more than another country in Asia, Australia or Africa. It must be understood that each country, each city presents its strengths and its disadvantages. Anyway, always take the time to visualize the life you dream of leading to the United States, which allows you to take the necessary steps to reach your goal, namely a more interesting living environment, a work better paid, move to be more ready to be loved …

The myth of the "country of opportunity"

While the United States is reputed to be the country of showbiz, it is nonetheless the country of opportunity. It is indeed the most dynamic market in the world, earning it the name of "Eldorado" French. Admittedly, the country is open to many openings, especially for SMEs. This explains the presence of French structures. But beware, these opportunities are not for all those wishing to live an American lifestyle. In other words, the US willingly opens its doors to project holders. If you leave with a project in mind, such as starting a business that can meet the expectations of the market, you have every chance to succeed in the United States.

In addition, we must also know that American companies recruit a lot, it is always interesting to try to get hired to be sure to start a good life in the US. As in France, the hospitality-catering, supermarket, tourism, industry, animation or trade sectors recruit throughout the year. In addition to the required skills, however, it is imperative to speak fluent English. However, French is also spoken by a minority.

Start a discovery phase

Now that your project of living in the United States is beginning to take shape, you must then proceed to a discovery phase. This step is essential to understand exactly how life in this multi-faceted country works. It is clear that cultural, linguistic or even human relations are more than obvious between France and the United States. Hence the interest of the discovery phase consisting precisely of discovering the American way of life, as well in the big cities as in the countryside, the different aspects of the language, as well as the way in which the locals perceive foreigners.

Through documentation, looking for information on the Internet or why by offering a short stay in the host city, it is important to check out the new way of life that awaits you in the USA. Better understanding cultural differences allows you to refine your approach as an expatriate, knowing that the country has a great diversity of ethnic background which allows somewhere to facilitate its integration into American society. Although the US is considered one of the richest countries in the world, strong social inequalities are also observed.

Adaptation to the key of a fulfilling life

Now to succeed concretely in the United States, the only slogan is adaptation. In society as in business, it is crucial to adopt new habits to facilitate its integration. For example, Americans are over-consumers. Moreover, the lives of Americans revolve around the family home, which they have the habit of maintaining their homes themselves, take care of small jobs needed like mowing the lawn, repair the roof … In the United States, charitable activities also play an important role.

As far as everyday life is concerned, Americans do everything to make life easier. This explains why all American homes are well equipped, including appliances, washing machine … the necessary to facilitate household chores. To adapt is also to learn how to eat in the American way. Delivering meals is a big habit in the United States, but Americans also like to cook. The breakfast consists for example of Pancake, a traditional dish of the North of the country. To get an idea of ​​the American menus, the Thanksgiving meal is a reference. During this holiday, Americans have the tradition of cooking a turkey dish, including stuffed turkey, accompanied by mashed sweet potatoes, pumpkin soup and the famous "pumkin pie". slow to the pumpkin.

Assimilate to better evolve

One thing that also needs to be understood when you decide to live abroad is that it is important to go through an assimilation phase. Indeed, adopting the American way of life is essential to successful integration. It should be noted, for example, that Americans have a sense of welcome. In other words, you should not hesitate to get in touch with others, either to ask for directions or just greet someone in the elevator. Another important point, in the US, patriotism is omnipresent, hence the presence of the American flag everywhere. It is therefore most natural that the Americans attach great importance to the national holiday of July 14th.

Contrary to popular belief, Americans have a real respect for the elderly and those with physical or even mental disabilities. So do not hesitate to give up your place in public transport to these people, or just help a person in need. This type of behavior must then become an automatism if you really want to flourish in this country. Moreover, Americans do not see money as a taboo subject. Do not be surprised to see them talk freely about the price of their shoes, their hobbies or simply their income.

Make the difference an asset

Whether you're going to live in the United States following a transfer or you're going to live the adventure of your life, the secret to a successful American life is also the ability of everyone to make a difference in their lives. asset. It is clear that human nature wants mistrust to prevail over strangers and strangers in general. But here, despite the difference of culture, language and lifestyle, to blend in the mass is the best way to flourish in a foreign country. To do this, nothing like exchanges and sharing. Because Americans are hospitable and welcoming, show yourself accessible to others and do not hesitate to get in touch with others.

To create links with locals, you can also introduce them to French culture. It must be known that Americans are curious in nature. You can introduce them to the best aspects of French culture, such as traditional dishes, knowing that Americans are particularly fond of good food. You can also introduce them to French hospitality by inviting colleagues or neighbors to an aperitif evening. This is the opportunity to make them taste the French wine that is an integral part of French culture. In other words, succeed in life Abroad is adapting to new habits, without losing sight of its culture. You respect the American culture, and make sure that the locals also accept yours, thus facilitating your integration into society.

How to achieve success without being criticized?

In a perfect world, each individual could specialize in his chosen field, offer his services, benefit from them and be recognized for his professionalism.

It's almost a reality.

What is missing ? Empathy. The success of others is not always satisfactory. It is rather embarrassing. Because we want it. We jealous her.

The gaze of the other is always present. Whether we want it or not. So the question is: can we really achieve success without being criticized?

Honesty and transparency, the weapons of recognition

If there is one indisputable truth in our society, it is impossible to please everyone. At one time or another, you will be criticized. And this is even more true as you climb the social ladder.

What matters in the end is the image you perceive of yourself. And to improve the latter, it should be done in the rules. In next laws and values of the environment in which you evolve, you will demonstrate a great adaptability.

An ability to use the same weapons as ordinary mortals to build your success. In the end, achieving success without being criticized is impossible, but what you can do is destroy the foundations of these judgments.

By relying on honesty and transparency. Which will highlight that the critics are only the fruit of misplaced jealousy.

The notion of injustice is everywhere around us

The human being always reacts to injustice. Lorsqu’on voit un grand patron fermer une entreprise et mettre au chĂŽmage des milliers de salariĂ©s alors qu’il empoche un parachute dorĂ© qui le mettra Ă  l’abri jusqu’à la fin de sa vie, on veut rĂ©agir.

C’est naturel. À cĂŽtĂ© de cela, les gens qui te critiquent vivent eux aussi dans l’injustice. Ils ont une voix qu’ils peuvent utiliser, exprimer. C’est loin d’ĂȘtre le cas de tout le monde sur cette planĂšte.

Ce qui importe le plus, c’est d’ĂȘtre juste. Envers toi-mĂȘme. Et tous les gens qui sont touchĂ©s de prĂšs ou de loin par ton succĂšs. La critique, elle est incontournable. Et l’essentiel, c’est d’en prendre conscience et d’ĂȘtre inattaquable sur les points les plus sensibles.

Tu devras toujours dĂ©fendre tes idĂ©es. Et c’est aussi comme cela qu’on grandit en tant qu’Homme.

Quels sont les conseils pour rĂ©ussir qu’il faut ABSOLUMENT suivre ?

Tout le monde veut connaĂźtre le succĂšs. Et dans ce cadre, bĂ©nĂ©ficier d’une base solide. S’approprier les  conseils  pour rĂ©ussir qui fonctionnent le mieux. Qui ont fait leur preuve. Tu sais que j’en donne énormĂ©ment, dans le monde entier.

Mais attention, avant de lire et d’appliquer, tu dois te remettre en question : car il n’existe aucune formule magique. C’est toujours toi qui est responsable de tes actes et qui doit entrer en action.

Rester humble et toujours vouloir apprendre

La pire des choses qui puisse t’arriver, c’est de stagner. C’est de considĂ©rer tes objectifs comme impossibles Ă  atteindre et / ou te contenter de peu, quand tu peux faire beaucoup, beaucoup mieux.

Et cela est toujours valable. Pour toi comme pour moi. Nous sommes des ĂȘtres d’évolution. D’apprentissage. Il y a toujours un dĂ©fi Ă  relever. Toujours un challenge qui nous attend. Toujours une leçon Ă  retenir pour grandir.

Les conseils pour rĂ©ussir qui fonctionnent vraiment prennent toujours cela en compte. Le plus important, c’est d’avoir le bon Ă©tat d’esprit. De rester humble. Quelle que soit la situation. Et de comprendre qu’on tire quelque chose de chaque expĂ©rience que nous faisons.

La vie est en mouvement
 et toi aussi !

Ce qu’il faut retenir -si tu ne devais retenir qu’une seule chose- c’est que la vĂ©ritĂ© d’un jour n’est pas celle du lendemain. Une Ă©preuve est formatrice. Et si tu rencontres l’échec, tu devrais t’en satisfaire.

Car cela va te permettre de mettre en relief les outils de la rĂ©ussite. Te former. T’enrichir. Te donner les clĂ©s de l’amĂ©lioration. La vie est en perpĂ©tuel mouvement. Chaque choix que tu fais peut changer ton existence.

Et les opportunitĂ©s de faire de nouveaux choix se prĂ©sentent chaque jour, en nombres inqualifiables. Ta situation n’est jamais figĂ©e. Sachant cela, il te revient de faire de ton mieux pour viser des objectifs porteurs, importants.

Aussi bien au niveau professionnel que relationnel ou spirituel. C’est comme cela que tu atteindras ce qu’est vraiment, la rĂ©ussite !

Comment rĂ©ussir Ă  l’étranger ?

Tu as peut-ĂȘtre dans un coin de la tĂȘte l’idĂ©e d’aller t’installer ailleurs. De te frotter Ă  une autre culture. Une autre population. Un autre rythme de vie.

À notre Ă©poque, ce genre de dĂ©sir est devenu totalement rĂ©alisable. La mobilitĂ© gĂ©ographique nous permet d’ĂȘtre plus nomades que jamais. De trouver les endroits qui nous correspondent. OĂč nous Ă©panouir.

Ceci Ă©tant dit, l’installation dans un autre pays ne se fait pas non plus en un coup de baguette magique. Il faut y mettre du sien.

Surtout si on veut vraiment y réussir sa vie. Alors quelles sont les prérogatives ? Les musts pour justement surfer sur la vague du succÚs ?

Pour rĂ©ussir Ă  l’étranger, il faut savoir oĂč l’on met les pieds

L’organisation, c’est le maĂźtre mot quand il s’agit de se fixer des objectifs et de dĂ©terminer la route Ă  suivre, les efforts Ă  faire pour les atteindre. Ca, tu le sais dĂ©jĂ .

Le problĂšme avec des vellĂ©itĂ©s de dĂ©part Ă  l’étranger, c’est que l’excitation et les prĂ©jugĂ©s prennent parfois le pas sur l’effective prĂ©paration.

Combien sont venus ici, aux États-Unis pensant y trouver un Eldorado et se sont finalement retrouvĂ©s dans une situation prĂ©caire ? N’écoute pas tout ce qu’on te dis. Fais toi ta propre opinion.

Et viens sur le terrain, dĂ©couvrir par toi-mĂȘme avant de tout abandonner et de partir Ă  l’aventure sans certitudes.

Planifier chacun des dĂ©tails et connaĂźtre le systĂšme pour s’implanter et rĂ©ussir Ă  l’étranger

Si tu veux rĂ©ussir Ă  l’étranger, il te faut un plan de bataille donc, et une certaine connaissance des instances et des systĂšmes que tu vas rencontrer.

Il faut ĂȘtre certain qu’il existe des dĂ©bouchĂ©s pour ton activitĂ©. Que tu pourras exercer sans difficultĂ©s.

En outre, l’implication sera dĂ©cisive. Pour rĂ©ussir, il faut mettre les mains dans le cambouis.

Apprendre la langue. Interagir avec la population locale. Ne pas essayer d’imposer sa culture mais au contraire, s’inspirer des traditions prĂ©sentes.

Les clĂ©s de ton succĂšs sont simples : une vraie volontĂ© d’évoluer, de t’enrichir sur tous les points et un travail en amont pour t’assurer que ton objectif correspond Ă  ton environnement (ce qui suppose des recherches administratives, matĂ©rielles, organisationnelles

Es-tu prĂȘt pour le grand dĂ©part ?

Comment réussir sans difficultés ?

VoilĂ  peut-ĂȘtre une question qui trotte dans un coin de ta tĂȘte. Comment rĂ©ussir sans difficultĂ©s ?

Comment Ă©viter les obstacles, s’assurer d’un succĂšs certain, avant mĂȘme de commencer l’aventure.

Une question à laquelle je vais répondre dans cet article. Qui va certainement changer beaucoup de choses pour toi.

Mais es-tu prĂȘt Ă  accueillir des informations d’une telle valeur ? Es-tu prĂȘt Ă  radicalement changer ton existence ?

Un jour, on inventera la tĂ©lĂ©portation
 mais pour l’instant, tu dois couvrir la distance par toi-mĂȘme

Je crois que cette phrase rĂ©sume pas mal de choses. Elle rĂ©sume en tout cas une idĂ©e, que tu ne dois jamais oublier : ce qui compte, ce n’est pas la destination. C’est le voyage.

Ce qui donne du sens au succĂšs, ce sont les difficultĂ©s surpassĂ©es. Les efforts effectuĂ©s. Les enseignements appris alors qu’on se battait justement pour atteindre ses rĂȘves.

Le sentiment de fiertĂ©, rien ne le remplace. Et crois-moi, obtenir quelque chose qu’on ne mĂ©rite pas, cela finit par peser sur l’individu. Tu ne veux pas vivre avec ce poids
 Car il ne te formera pas. Il ne te donnera pas de prestance.

Ce qui importe dans une vie, c’est l’expĂ©rience. Bonne ou mauvaise d’ailleurs.

RĂ©ussir sans difficultĂ©s, c’est renier qui tu es

Si tu es ici, c’est quelque part que tu es un adepte du dĂ©veloppement personnel. Que tu cherches les moyens de t’amĂ©liorer, de construire une vie Ă©panouissante, mais une vie qui te ressemble.

Et bien c’est dans la difficultĂ©, dans l’adversitĂ© qu’on rĂ©vĂšle vraiment notre vraie nature. Échapper aux Ă©preuves c’est passer Ă  cĂŽtĂ© de ce qui te rend fort. De ce qui te donne de la valeur.

Le respect s’acquiert grĂące Ă  la pratique et la dĂ©monstration d’un certain savoir-faire. Les gens qui obtiennent tout ce qu’ils veulent sans lever le petit doigt ne sont jamais des exemples. Des vrais leaders.

Ta sueur, c’est une rĂ©compense. Une preuve de ce que tu es prĂȘt Ă  donner au monde qui t’entoure. Et c’est la seule maniĂšre de prouver quelle personne tu es et ce que tu vaux.

Alors es-tu sûr de vraiment vouloir réussir sans difficultés ?

Comment rĂ©ussir sa vie Ă  l’étranger : une question de mentalitĂ© ?

Quand on aborde le terrain de la migration, on a souvent une image bien arrĂȘtĂ©e. On voit face Ă  nous le mythe du self-made man.

Parti sans rien faire fortune dans un autre pays. Et pour les europĂ©ens, disons le franchement, ce pays, c’est trĂšs souvent les États-Unis.

Le « pays des opportunitĂ©s ». Et la premiĂšre chose Ă  laquelle on s’interesse, c’est donc la fameuse Green Card et ses conditions d’obtention.

Mais pour rĂ©ussir sa vie Ă  l’étranger, il faut plus qu’un simple dĂ©placement ou que le regroupement de conditions administratives. Il faut un vĂ©ritable Ă©tat d’esprit positif.

Que veux tu faire et pourquoi la-bas ?

Si tu as un pojet ficelé, alors suis-le. Prends ton envol. Accomplis ta destinée. Mais je veux vraiment que tu te demandes pourquoi ta cible est un pays étranger.

Cette rĂ©flexion va t’amener sur la piste de qui tu es et ce que tu cherches vraiment.

Si tu cherches Ă  fuir des problĂšmes, alors il te sera difficile de rĂ©ussir loin de chez toi. Parce que d’entrĂ©e de jeu, ton Ă©tat d’esprit n’est pas focalisĂ© sur le plus important. Il est basĂ© sur l’échec.

Le constat d’incapacitĂ©. Et le manque de courage (NB : je parle de problĂšmes financiers, relationnels
 et pas gĂ©opolitiques).

Une implication de tous les instants

Pour rĂ©ussir sa vie Ă  l’étranger, il faut s’adapter. S’intĂ©grer dans une sociĂ©tĂ© qui n’a pas les mĂȘmes valeurs, les mĂȘmes ressources, les mĂȘmes lois que celui dont on vient. Tu dois garder ton identitĂ©, mais ne pas refuser d’évoluer.

Si tu regardes bien, tous les exemples de réussite dans des pays étrangers ont assimilé cela. Ces gens ont fait les efforts nécessaires pour apprendre la langue, la culture, les rÚgles sociales du pays en question. Arnold Schwarzenegger en est une preuve vivante.

Pour rĂ©ussir Ă  l’étranger, comme partout ailleurs, la question la plus importante tourne autour de tes objectifs.

Quels son-ils ? Comment leur donneras-tu corps ? L’aspect recherches et dĂ©marches est important pour stabiliser ton projet. Et finalement vivre le rĂȘve que tu construis pas Ă  pas !

Comment utiliser ses faiblesses pour réussir sa vie ?

Le titre peut sans doute laisser perplexe
 surtout si tu es dans la peur, dans la vision rĂ©dhibitoire de l’échec. Et clairement, ce ne sont pas les mĂ©dias ou les grands penseurs de notre monde qui Ă©maillent ton quotidien de prĂ©jugĂ©s et d’idĂ©es prĂ©fabriquĂ©es qui vont t’aider Ă  faire Ă©voluer ta vision des choses.

Tu es tous les jours exposĂ© au culte de la productivitĂ©. Au besoin de faire mieux. D’ĂȘtre dans la compĂ©tition. D’ĂȘtre meilleur que ton voisin. On t’apprend Ă  haĂŻr l’échec. Mais aussi soyons francs, Ă  dĂ©tester celui qui connait la rĂ©ussite.

Ce que je te propose aujourd’hui, c’est d’abandonner cette vision obsolĂšte qui ne pourra jamais te rendre heureux. Qui reflĂšte une mentalitĂ© basĂ©e sur le manque et finalement totalement contraire et nĂ©faste Ă  ton dĂ©veloppement personnel.

Non, nous, nous allons voir comment utiliser ses faiblesses pour réussir sa vie. Voilà qui me parait bien plus enrichissant.

L’échec est LE professeur dont tu as besoin pour changer ta vie et atteindre la rĂ©ussite

De nos jours, on ne s’intĂ©resse plus qu’aux rĂ©sultats et Ă  rien d’autre. On voit de grandes entreprises qui font des millions de chiffre d’affaires et on se dit qu’en copiant leur modĂšle Ă©conomique, on pourra reproduire le schĂ©ma du succĂšs.

Mais on oublie une chose fondamentale. À lĂ  tĂȘte de ces structures se trouvent des hommes. Qui ont lancĂ© des projets importants. Pris des risques. Et qui trĂšs souvent, ont connu nombre d’échecs avant de rĂ©ussir.

Ces échecs leur ont permis de mettre en valeur leurs forces mais aussi et surtout leur faiblesses. Ce qui par définition, est une chose trÚs positive. Puisque ce phénomÚne permet de cerner exactement quels domaines sont à travailler, en priorité.

Au dĂ©but de ton ascension, tu dois te focaliser sur tes qualitĂ©s premiĂšres. Sur les terrains oĂč tu excelles. Et puis petit Ă  petit, quel que soit ton projet, tu pourras dĂ©gager du temps, fruit de ton expertise et de ta capacitĂ© Ă  maitriser ton Ă©nergie.

Ce temps, tu vas pouvoir l’utiliser pour sortir de ta zone de confort. Pour apprendre. Pour regarder tes faiblesses droit dans les yeux et t’atteler Ă  les minimiser. En te formant. En allant sur le terrain. En relevant de nouveaux dĂ©fis.

Alors oui, tes lacunes sont une chance. Oui, on peut utiliser ses faiblesses pour réussir sa vie !

Utiliser ses faiblesses pour rĂ©ussir sa vie : l’humilitĂ© est gage de succĂšs

Les gens qui rĂ©ussissent, et je parle surtout de ceux qui se sont construits seuls, sans matelas confortable et ressources financiĂšres illimitĂ©es, ont toujours ce dĂ©sir d’apprentissage. Arriver au top, ce n’est pas le plus dur. Le plus dur, c’est d’y rester.

Et sans humilitĂ©, c’est trĂšs compliquĂ©. Sans avoir cette envie d’apporter sa pierre Ă  l’édifice de l’évolution de la sociĂ©tĂ©, sans avoir cette envie de mettre le doigt sur ses faiblesses, on n’avance pas. C’est une certitude.

Connaitre ses faiblesses, c’est mieux se connaĂźtre. C’est aussi remettre en cause sa toute puissance (ce sentiment d’invincibilitĂ© qu’on peut avoir quand tout nous sourit) et finalement, c’est garder les pieds sur terre.

Être honnĂȘte envers soi-mĂȘme permet d’éviter l’égoĂŻsme exacerbĂ©. Et de reconnaitre la valeur de chacun. Car en vĂ©ritĂ©, chaque personne que tu rencontres est susceptible de t’apporter quelque chose. D’enrichir tes connaissances. Ton savoir. De t’apporter un point de vue qui peut ouvrir des nouvelles perspectives en toi.

Alors oui, je le rĂ©pĂšte, on peut utiliser ses faiblesses pour rĂ©ussir sa vie. C’est quelque chose que tu devrais faire. C’est quelque chose que nous devrions tous faire. Car nous ne sommes qu’humains. Et des faiblesses, nous avons tous.

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