How to protect yourself from toxic people?

How to fight leaving get rid of toxic people

What is a toxic person?

Relationships with others or those around them seem to have a rather positive effect on us as a whole. And as everything can not be perfect, within our circle, there are people who are false, characters whose company we do not like or who are uncomfortable with whom we feel uncomfortable. . These are characterized by toxic people because they somehow ruin our life rather than help us improve it.

How to recognize a toxic person?

There is no formula for spotting a toxic person because there is no book of conduct on relations between men. Every human being reacts according to his environment and as he sees fit; from which one will allow oneself to say that one will have to trust one's emotions, one's feelings, in short to the sensations that one feels for example when one thinks of a person, if one wants to recognize a toxic person .

There are several types, namely:

The judge,
The competitor,
The susceptible,
The manipulator,
The big ego,

We will talk here about self-defense strategies to keep them away.

What are the different types of toxic people and what are the self-defense strategies?

The judge

This is the kind of person for whom there is always something that is wrong with you and that, instead of making this remark in a respectful way, does so in order to humiliate you, to undermine your personality. Which does not leave you indifferent mentally.

self-defense strategy

The ideal here would be to first identify the judicious comments. Subsequently, respond as humbly as possible, because the judge is usually a person who has low self-confidence. And this lack of trust acts negatively on his behavior. Do not consider his criticisms and let him know what you think by using the "I".

The competitor

As the name suggests, it is a person for whom everything is a competition; in his head, he must always be the best no matter what he is doing.

Self Defense Strategy

Your master card here is cheerfulness. For a competitor, the best way to establish a relationship with others is by competing with the latter, do not get carried away in this game. Be cheerful at all times and do not hesitate to tease him from time to time. another in general after each situation where he thinks he has won a competition. You can also voluntarily let him win, showing him that he was competing only with himself.

The likely

This is the kind of person who feels upset for anything. For her, she is always the target. Because of his lack of humor, no comment is welcome. It's exhausting to walk with this kind of person because his state of mind is always oscillating.

Self Defense Strategy

Do not feel responsible for his reactions; anticipate her actions and always pronounce comforting phrases in all your remarks of the kind not to make her feel guilty. Example: "You are a very intelligent person, and I did not want to offend you but I promised to do it. I am sincerely sorry and I hope you do not mind me too much. "If that does not change his behavior, at least you will have tried.

The manipulator

He is like a fox, he lives at the expense of the one who listens to him and he does not hesitate to use all means to acquire credit from his victim and to achieve his ends. He uses phrases like, "You know I'll never do something like that." He's able to constantly sow doubt in your mind.

Self Defense Strategy

For him no one else counts except it; and to exist, he must be above others. Your instinct is the best weapon you can have against this kind of person. Unveil his cards before he plays them. He will move away from you because he knows that you are not easy to reach and that you can stand up to him.

The big ego

This is the kind of person often compared to a TV so it chatters without stopping. What a wound! It never gives you the opportunity to place an entire sentence; always cut you off. You have the feeling that you do not even exist for him.

Self Defense Strategy

He is sorely lacking in affection and is in search of one; so, express him clearly your feelings in a way posed. Adopt a strategy based on your environment; for example, when you are among friends and you have the floor, when you are interrupted by this person, make him understand that it is your turn to express yourself. But when you are at work, and you are interrupted, take your trouble, develop your strategy and put it into practice as soon as possible.

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