How to prevent burnout? Our tips and tricks

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Speaking of the evils that undermine society, and more precisely the professional world, burnout is the most widespread in this century. The number of people affected by this disease continues to increase. This is disturbing considering that the consequences of burnout on the lives of these people are really serious. This is why it is important to have all the necessary information on this evil, to be able to recognize the signs and avoid it. Find out everything there is to know about it in the rest of the article.

About burnout

In simple terms, burn-out means that you burn yourself from the inside. In other words, you are subject to a feeling of wear that is gradually gaining momentum, and whose source is simply your professional setting. That's why it's also called "burnout". It is true that stress is usually part of working life, but when it reaches a certain extent, it can affect your state of health. A small clarification is nevertheless needed: burn-out is above all a physiological and not a psychological problem. Thus, when you are constantly stressed, your body is in constant alert, as if a danger was waiting for you at every moment. Hence the state of fatigue and exhaustion of your body. It is this fatigue that will act now on your mind, and give you the impression of being incompetent, or not powerful enough. You will be irritable, always on the nerves, and it will naturally follow a further emotional tiredness.

You have to know that burnout is not a state, but rather a process, a very slow process. So you can always take over and resume before you reach the end of this process. Often, those affected do not notice at first. They are constantly worried about work, they try to do more, to prove to themselves and to others that they are capable. In this frantic quest for perfection and maximum performance, they end up forgetting themselves. It can last a moment, until the day when the person fools the lead.

Anyone can be affected by the burnout. Even the strongest people physically and mentally. So it concerns both men and women, regardless of their branch of activity. However, it is possible to target people who may be affected. It's usually these leaders or business leaders, who are fully immersed in their work, committed employees and always willing to sacrifice their free time for the sake of the business … Those people without whom society would probably be lost, perfectionists by nature, people who are too dedicated or in constant pursuit of recognition … These are the people who are most vulnerable to burnout.

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How to avoid burnout?

First of all, be aware that the most common signs of burnout are: feelings of being ungrateful for the work being done, total loss of interest in the job, having the impression of having to work. To avoid all this, it is necessary to adopt a working method in accordance with your physical and mental abilities. Even if all the factors are not manageable, you will be able to at least reduce the risks. For it is always better to prevent than to seek to heal afterwards.

First of all, whatever the situation that presents itself to you, learn to relativize. This will save you stress. So do not worry about the consequences of your actions. You are not going to lose your job for a mistake, more often than not, some of these mistakes go unnoticed, and you stress for no reason. Do not be afraid to make the slightest mistake, because the mistake is human, they say. So do not be afraid to go wrong or ask for help, you are not supposed to have absolute knowledge, and your employer knows it.

Then learn to say "no". It is not because you are employed in a society that you are no longer entitled to your freedom. Avoid accepting any additional workloads. If you have the time, you can accept it, or sometimes work overtime. But do not accumulate the work, the piles of file not treated, all that acts on your state of health. Remember to evaluate the execution time of the tasks that are entrusted to you, and say no when it is beyond you. Ask yourself first if you have time, if it is your job, or if the person who entrusts you with this work is in his role.

Avoid doing the same things every day. As long as it is possible, you must vary the content of your days at work. So in addition to avoiding pressure, it will also pay attention to the recurring aspect of certain tasks. Because you would lose sight of the value of your work and your value as an employee.

Do not dwell on things you can not change, because burnout is often caused by the superhuman efforts you make, to improve or change what is happening in your daily life. Unfortunately, there are things you can not change, so do not stress yourself for that, and make a reason. You have to keep your energy to do your job well, it's the most important.

Learn to disconnect. Work, work, and nothing but work is very bad, not only for physical health, but also for your mind. So after your work hours, forget everything that relates to the professional world. Free your mind and your thoughts. Do things that relax and love you, outside of work of course.

Even if you like your job, always keep in mind that it takes time for everything: a time to work, and a rest period to recover. So you will easily avoid problems such as burn-out.

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