How to prepare a June party at home

16 Festa Junina remembers music and good food:

“Skip the fire Ia-Ia,

Skip the Io-Io campfire,

Be careful not to burn,

Look, the fire has already burned my love… ”

Among so many other songs, these were the days of June in my childhood.

We would gather in the backyard of the house – at that time, the houses had immense backyards -, dirt floors, and there, throughout the week, we would gather wood for the long-awaited São João campfire.

Between the days before, we rehearsed the dance of the gang. Always with the delicious sound of the accordion, so that on the night of June 24, couples of character, of all ages, embraced their peers and the fun doubled up at dawn.

Popcorn, mulled wine, sweet potatoes, roasted by the fire, corn, mush, cured, mulled wine and so on.

Life, as it could not help being, is transformed and new things happen, others are kept in memory and others, still, by strong traditions without keeping alive, in a different format, but alive.

So are the June festivals. In the times of today, much more lived and represented by the little ones, fruits of generations of those who, today parents and grandparents, could feel the delicious and homesick moments of the cold nights of the months of June and July, after all, the June party is also julina.

To get you in the mood, today's post will help you prepare your own June party at home. With easy tips to make your arraiá “bão dimais da conta”


The decor needs to be cheerful and relaxed. And some elements are essential. Look:

Since it's a party, there's nothing like welcoming a beautiful garland at the front door:

How to prepare a June party at homeHow to prepare a June party at homeHow to prepare a June party at home

The flags are essential for decoration. They can be made of tissue paper or fabrics as scraps that the more prints are more beautiful.

How to prepare a June party at home

The tablecloth can be plaid or plain decorated with little flags around it.

If you need a table, click here and see this cool tip to make your party much more beautiful

The straw hat also gains new use in our party, it can compose the decoration on the wall or ceiling very well, as well as as a support for sweets or snacks.


Festa junina without good music is not a party, is it? And it has to be Caipira, with xote, baião, forró and hinterland roots, to dance a lot. Below 20 suggestions for you to play at your party and ensure the entertainment of the guests:

01-Party in the Country – Palmeira / Mario Zan

02- Look at Heaven – Luiz Gonzaga / José Fernandes de Carvalho

03- Russian Pagoda – João Silva / Luiz Gonzaga

04- The accordion player just played that – Haroldo Lobo / Geraldo Medeiros

05- Ballad – Cassio Sampaio

06- Brazilian Quadrille – Gerson Filho / José Maria de Aguiar Filho

07- Asa Branca – Humberto Teixeira / Luiz Gonzaga

08- This is there with Santo Antônio – Lamartine Babo

09- Jump the Bonfire – João Bastos Filho / Love

10- Humble Residence – Fernando / Luiz Henrique / Tiago Marcelo / Malcolm Lima

11- São João na Roça – Zé Dantas / Luiz Gonzaga

12- The Girls' Xote – Zé Dantas / Luiz Gonzaga

13- Paper dream – Alberto Ribeiro

14- So You Kill Daddy – Nicco Andrade

15- Waiting at the Window – Raimundinho do Acordeon / Targino Gondim / Manuca Almeida

16- Antônio, Pedro and João – Benedito Lacerda / Oswaldo Santiago

17- Come ni Me Dodge Ram – Israel Novaes

18- Laughing Ahead – Tact

19- Frevo Mulher – Zé Ramalho

20- Bonfire Time – Lamartine Babo


The music animates and the games amuse your guests a lot. So if you have a little more space at home, take advantage of these suggestions:

Donkey tail

You can do the donkey with E.V.A. or even draw it on cardboard, but without the tail, which must be made separately and glued with double-sided adhesive. Hang the donkey on the wall and put a blindfold on the participant's eyes. Twirl it until it loses reference to directions. He must then try to put his tail on the donkey's body. Whoever manages to paste closest to the right place wins. It's sure to laugh!

Elegant Mail

It is the delivery of messages during the party through tickets. One person is responsible for being the postman and delivering the tickets, in addition to providing decorated paper and pens. It is a good opportunity to impress someone you care about or to have a fun game with friends.

Tin cans

Simply place several stacked cans in a triangle shape. The participants try to knock down the cans by throwing balls made with socks. Whoever drops the most cans wins.

Egg in spoon

To make the joke you only need boiled eggs and spoon.

Each child or adult will place the egg on the spoon and hold the spoon with their mouth. At the signal of the start of the game, everyone must run, but without dropping the egg from the spoon, beating the participant who manages to reach the finish line first with the egg in the spoon. Whoever drops the egg on the way, will be disqualified!

Attention: It is good to use only the “boiled egg”, not to use “raw egg” to avoid dirt and accidents.

Orange dance

The play of the dance of the orange, is made with pairs. Each pair receives an orange, which is placed on the forehead of the two. When the music starts, the pairs should put their hands behind and dance holding the orange on their forehead, without letting the orange fall. If the orange falls, the pair is disqualified, whoever wins, and the pair who finish last.


The most delicious part of the party. Who doubts?

Capriche on the menu with savory and typical sweets of that time like popcorn, paçoca, mush, cural, starch biscuit, hominy, boiled corn, cornmeal cake, corn cake, savory pies … the options are soooo many. And if you want to share the expenses, you can arrange with the guests so that each one takes a plate. Here are the options that cannot be missing:

Sweet rice

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Green corn cake

Do you need a baking pan for your cake? Click here and choose yours



Did you like the dessert bowl? Click here and see where to buy

Boiled corn

To serve guests, choose a serving dish from the many by clicking here


Cornmeal cake


Moleque Foot

Pamonha and Curau


Hot wine


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