How to nurture conviction and vision to achieve your goals?

This is the second part of my article that goes into the question of personal vision.

But above all I will help you to nurture the conviction without which no action is possible to achieve its objectives.

How to nurture conviction and vision to achieve your goals? -

I am convinced that you put a lot of heart into your work.

But you can work all your life without ever getting the results you hope for.

Why ?

Simply because the work is not enough.

Above all, there is the direction your work takes on your life, your vision, and the methods you use to get results..

In other words, the way to work is fundamental: it is once again the efficiency I mentioned in the previous article.

To be successful, you need to be concerned about what your work allows you to accomplish.

If your job simply allows you to get a salary and a retirement, which is good, it might still be useful to enrich your vision and your goals.

Imagine Jacques embarking on business and concentrating only on the desire to earn a lot of money.

What are his chances of succeeding and making his business flourish?

Pretty thin …

By thinking only of money, Jacques forgets to consider his business in the long run.

He makes bad choices and sees his customers only as a source of profits.

He aims his profit instead of targeting first of all his customers.

Yet Jacques' company is his source of results.

Remember the example of capital that is growing year after year.

By maintaining a close and short-term vision, Jacques finds himself serving his clients badly.

It's like withdrawing its capital, the very source of its long-term success.

When our vision is narrow, we look like the first stonemason in my story.

We just cut the stone instead of building a cathedral …

We are reducing the scope of our belief that, however, could support our efforts and ensure our success.

Long-term vision and conviction help us learn from our mistakes, motivate ourselves, find new strategies, persevere, etc. In short, they help us to ask the right questions and get better results.

Here is an exercise that will help you nurture the strength of your belief to improve your life every day

1. Take a sheet of paper and write three important things you would like to change or achieve:

  • Do you want to lose weight and be healthier?
  • Do you want to quit?
  • Would you like to increase your income?

Choose ambitious goals that will improve clearly your quality of life.

2. Next, for each of your goals, list the reasons why you do not want to change to reach them.

For example, inaction does not require effort.

It is not tiring not to exercise and it can be safe not to take initiatives, since it warns you to fail …

These reasons are the balls that you have attached to the feet and that prevent you from moving forward.

The better you know them, the more you will see how bad these reasons are your enemies, and the more you will develop the conviction of evacuating them from your life.

3. Always for each of your goals, list the reasons why you have every advantage to change and to make the necessary efforts to reach them!

For example:

  • You will be proud of yourself;
  • You will be better in your skin;
  • You will be healthier and you will live longer;
  • Others will be more inclined to go to you;
  • You will increase your salary, etc.

4. Finally, list all the reasons why you may suffer if you do nothing and do not change your bad habits.

For example:

  • You will be bad in your skin;
  • Your self-esteem will decrease;
  • You will be in poor health;
  • You will pull the devil by the tail at retirement, etc.

Write as many good reasons as possible that you have to improve because they are innumerable.

Write each of these reasons using an exciting vocabulary, with words that arouse positive emotions.

The more you keep these good reasons in mind and the more they will nourish your conviction to succeed and not to return to your old habits!

The conviction depends directly on the meaning you give to your goals.

If you do not really believe it, if you are not clearly aware of what they will achieve, you will never increase your motivation to take action to succeed.

Repeat this exercise often and review your notes.

They will motivate you to go further!

This exercise is inspired by a method called "Motivational Interviewing" and I invite you to click on this link to read my article on this topic.

Your past does not determine your future

You now know the importance of conviction and vision.

These two characteristics of success guide you to the future with optimism.

To realize yourself, you must see life in a new way.

And an important step in getting there is to stop fighting against the negative events of your past that are holding you back in the present.

You can not change them: they are in your area of ​​unnecessary concern!

Bad memories make you relive the negative emotions associated with the difficult events you have experienced.

This habit concentrates your energy in a totally sterile way.

Your past is very far outside your control zone, since you can not change it.

That's why it's preventing you from moving forward.

To fully realize yourself, you must remember that the past only influenced your present, and that it's today's decisions and actions that will dramatically change your future.

Your past has nothing to do there!

To live relentlessly in the past is like walking forward looking behind her.

She will quickly find herself on a bad road or stumble …

Remember the question I asked you earlier: What would you do if you could not fail?

To achieve and live the life you dream of, you must begin by putting aside your fears and negative memories.

By eliminating the habits that immobilize you, you give back all the power over your life. Because your fears, your habits and your resentment against the past only limit you.

Remember also the importance of getting out of your comfort zone.

When a bodybuilder does his exercises, he takes care of exceeding his muscular limits.

He thus gains more and more tone and this is how he increases his muscle mass.

It's the same with your life.

If you never realize challenges, if you flee the novelty, you refuse everything that life offers you beautiful and all the ways you can enjoy!

If I had not made efforts and learnings in many areas, if I had not taken initiatives and I had not left my comfort zone, I would not live the satisfying life that I enjoy today.

And the most exciting is that each challenge strengthens my confidence, my inner security and allows me to go further the next time.

A few years ago, I condemned myself to do nothing and listened to my fears.

Today, I'm not afraid to leave my comfort zone.

I'm even looking for constructive opportunities to do it because I now know everything this attitude brings me.

I even like to say that self-improvement is the only drug that is good for healthbecause its only consequence is to improve life!

I have to bring a nuance here.

Our performance society drives us to excel for a host of reasons beyond ourselves.

If the goal of passing is to seek the attention and admiration of others, you are on a very bad track …

Self-transcendence, to nourish a healthy self-realization, must serve inner goals that derive from an excellent self-knowledge, and not depend on the dictates of society!

Once again, I do not tell you all that to boast!

If that were the case, all my efforts would have been worthless because I would not have increased my internal security.

I would have done this for others to love me, because I would have doubted my fundamental value as a human being.

Now, this fundamental value, we all possess it!

We never have more or less value than others.

We just have to give it enough importance to grow it in our life.

In other words, everything I'm talking about in this book, do it first for yourself and not to be admired.

You are cathedral builders!

So far, I hope that I have sown in you the irresistible taste of living a fuller life and especially the conviction that you are able to achieve it, your way, for yourselves.

The ultimate goal is to become fully authentic and achieve substantial results that you really like!

Your vision will lead you to the highest peaks.

You will become builders of cathedrals!

And since your vision is what is really important to you, let me illustrate it in another way:

Your vision is like the keel of a boat. The keel is a piece that extends under the hull and aims to increase the stability of the boat when the waters are tumultuous. The longer your vision is rich, the more it will help you stay motivated and persevere even when your life goes into a tumultuous time.

But your vision alone will not suffice.

You must also take responsibility for your life and become proactive.

Proactivity allows you to not just react to events.

It involves asking you how you can get the best results before taking action.

We often go too fast.

We decide what to do before we understand what we are doing.

Ask yourself this question as often as possible: "Is what I am doing really good for me? "

Unlimited growth is about how to get the most out of the best results by ideally providing less effort.

Your vision directs you and your conviction helps you move forward by motivating you

The proactivity gives you the time to think necessary to go further more easily.

Imagine two different paths that allow you to go wherever you want.

The first path is obvious, but it is long and winding.

And you do not know the second way!

Fortunately, you are proactive.

Looking for a bit, you discover the second road is much more direct and less tiring.

But you had to make some efforts to find that second path.

These two paths illustrate the principle of unlimited growth.

The first path is the one that everyone borrows as it is obvious.

But there is another way, stolen that one, which is much more efficient.

It is this path that I invite you to discover in my book Unlimited growth that you can get to read it in full.

An excellent reading that I recommend to go further:

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