How to manage a conflict well?

How to manage the conflict?

React as positively as possible to a conflict

Being at the center of a conflict is a disturbing and disturbing experience at the same time, this situation can happen with your friends, your children, your colleagues, to see with strangers. It results from stress, relational degradation, repetition of daily incidents or an act that has particularly affected you or your interlocutor.

If the magnitudes are superficial for some conflicts, others can take on significant proportions and influence the life of every day.

It happens at any time that we let our emotions take over, if someone hangs in a defiant tone, it is in any case advised to keep his cool and delay your words. Heal your attitude, if you go up in the gongs your interlocutor may get angry in turn leaving no room for discussion.

At this first stage of the conflict, it's all about limiting the damage, letting your heart speak is good, but not too much! If during the fight, you say hurtful things, it will be even more difficult to catch up during a possible phase of reconciliation.

If your friend is pissed off, you must try to keep the opposite attitude to gradually calm down. Let him talk about his reasons for doing so and talk to him when he will pause. Be careful when trying to dialogue, finding the right words instinctively is not the easiest thing. If he is closed to the conversation and you feel overwhelmed by the situation, it is probably better to temporarily isolate.

Know how to put an end to the conflict.

A dispute can affect us morally, talking with his entourage can allow you to get a fresh look at the situation. Nevertheless it is only with the person concerned that you can put an end to the conflict. Preparing for the confrontation, the progress of this one, the arguments that you will have to put forward allows to gain in confidence. Do not go out of your way to win, keep in mind that you are fighting for everyone to recognize their differences and move forward together.

Feel free to practice some relaxation and breathing exercises to free your mind to see things more clearly and to be more serene. It is of course normal to stress before your meeting.

You have to know how to identify the right moment to speak, in a conflict you do not have to be the only person to question you and make efforts, it is quite normal that your interlocutor, in your interests common to both , be open to conversation. Note whether he is attentive or not to your call. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is important to leave a chance to talk to the one who takes the first step.

Try to detach your anger from the conflicting person, try to perceive it not as an enemy but rather as a victim of the facts. Show empathy and patience towards her. Adopting a caring attitude can influence the behavior of your friend, spouse, the atmosphere will be more relaxed and you will feel less oppressed.

If you have to manage a conflict it is only to your advantage to evoke in a frank and precise way your sources of torment. Do not beat around the bush, do not lie and avoid focusing on details, you will save time and energy if you take the time to identify the source of the problem. Reformulate if necessary but not too much.

Listen to the other, abdicate, answer, to find common ground. Placing neutral subjects and evoking good moments to move can defuse a heavy atmosphere. Once your tensions are calmed and your common ground found, do not stay there! To prevent the situation from happening again in the future, set limits, goals for two. You can, for example, take care of getting back together by spending a few hours a week, both by communicating more.

Difficult to adopt a calm attitude during a clash but it is essential to put water in his wine with such. Knowing how to apologize or accept an apology is more than an important step in conflict management, it's a real commitment to move on.

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