How to make a success of your life? The first tracks to explore

This question is probably one of the ones I am asked most often. It translates quite well the functioning of the individual. The people who come to my meetings for the first time most of the time have a special psychological positioning: they expect me to give them magical solutions. When leaving the room, their life is different.

I reassure you, that's the case. But not in the sense that they hear it. Because I can not succeed in your life. You are the only person to decide what tomorrow will look like. You have to go out of the role of waiter, victim, spectator and become the actor of your life.

If you read my publications, watch my videos or attend my speeches, you know how much your emotions matter. They are the ones that impact the quality of your existence.

And to appreciate them to their true value, you must understand something very, very important: you have in you an incomparable power. A gigantic chance: you can make choices and decide in a split second to change your life.

And if you decided to succeed in your life?

A decision is in itself something extraordinary. Because in an instant, following your desire, your instinct, you can impact your life deeply.

You will enter this cafe and meet your future wife. Go to this seminar and make friends with someone who will become your business partner. You will follow this training that will revolutionize your vision of your professional skills and push you to change jobs …

People tend to believe in destiny and to think that events have value. That's not what I think. And to succeed in your life, you have to abandon this logic. What is important is the way you react facing these hazards. The difference is immense.

Will the economic crisis force you to close shop for lack of ambition? Or will you see in this economic upheaval an opportunity to defeat the competition? Will you stop giving yourself the confidence you deserve because this young woman does not want you? Or will it motivate you to become better? Maybe you will start the sport, try to sharpen your knowledge, your skills …

You see … to make a success of your life, you must first of all Want it. It must be a necessity. A priority. A goal that you consider essential. It's all about perception. Ability to relativize and make meaningful choices.

Open-mindedness is a weapon for a successful life

The answer to your desire, it is in you. To succeed one's life, one must open oneself to the world. Ask yourself questions. Look for improvement. And do not be afraid to admit that you want success. We want to make money. Meet a person we love. Have a job that makes us vibrate. Do not hide your ambitions.

Shout loud and be interested in anything that can help you reach them. Because around you are resources. You just have to choose to use them.

The difference between an unsatisfactory life and a fulfilling life is often small things. It is the decisions we make and the way we perceive our lives that play the most important role.

Procrastination, fear of facing the judgments of the other, isolation, wait-and-see, contempt, criticism … these are the main barriers to success in life.

But once these last lifts, once you understand that opportunities are everywhere in your environment and can arise at any time … so you are ready to begin the journey to your new life.

Do not stop meeting people, making new experiences. Avoid prejudices and misconceptions. Give chance to "luck". And you will make incredible discoveries. Do not forget that every second of your life you have the opportunity to make choices. It's up to you to see what direction they will take!

What do you think?

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