How to learn to live happily?

If there is one existential question to which we all seek an answer, it is: what is happiness? To be happy, however, we must know that everyone is free to build his own happiness, based on his expectations and the way he or she conceives of happiness. However, there are some rules that will be of great help to you everyday to live happily, whatever the design that you can have happiness, whether to find the job of your dreams or the ideal partner, to start a family, buy a house …

Make peace with oneself and one's past

When it comes to finding happiness, the first thing to do is to make peace with oneself. To accept oneself is the key to happiness. Indeed, if some people struggle to know happiness, it is mainly because they put obstacles. To make a fixation on one's weaknesses, one's shortcomings or one's faults, is to condemn oneself to not live a serene life. Learn already to know yourself by taking stock of your qualities and your wealth. This step is important to become aware of his true values, and thus boost his self-confidence. It is clear that self-confidence plays a major role in the quest for happiness.

Also, the key to happiness is to accept oneself as one is and to update oneself with one's past. Make yourself understand that some things can not be changed and that it is time to put away the old grudges and resentments that are keeping you alive today. So you have to move forward, make peace with your past, resolve any unfinished situations like unresolved quarrels, or skip a project that has been left in the closet for too long. It gives you a good start to a happy life.

Recognize your luck and find meaning in your life

Another secret to living a happy life is to recognize your luck. Concretely, knowing how to take advantage and accept what you already have can lead you easily to happiness. You are in good health, you have a spouse who loves you, children, friends, a roof and a job, so what else do you need? It is clear that if some people are struggling to feel happy, it is because they are looking for perfection too much. Because you are renting an apartment, you now want to own a big house in Cannes. Dreaming is one thing, but being realistic is the best way to get ahead.

The best you can do to find happiness in the life you are currently leading is to simply make sense of your life. Make an honest assessment of your life and take the time to step back from your personal values, focusing on freedom, love, family, work … Ask yourself what you miss to live happily. Following this reflection, it will be easier for you to define what you really need to achieve. This allows you to define your objectives that will allow you to fill the gap that you currently feel.

Decide to go well and take care of yourself

It must also be known that happiness is above all a state of mind. In other words, if you want to be happy, you must give your person to be happy. Because everyone is master of his happiness, to be happy you must make sure to promote pleasant situations. Concretely, choose to go well and do not let the sadness invade you. Your well-being opens the doors to happiness, which is important to sow, cultivate and harvest. The goal is to hunt by all means negative emotions that simply affect your happiness. For this, you will have to practice:

  • Make a smile every day, knowing that the smile is contagious, which will make your days more enjoyable.
  • Learn how to best manage your emotions, whether it's the fear of flight, compassionate sadness or intimidating anger around you.
  • Be attentive to those around you and know how to enjoy the good times you spend with colleagues, family or friends.
  • Take care of yourself as much as possible, make yourself happy by going out to dinner with your other half, offering yourself this jacket that has made you fall in love with it or why not a day at the spa just to relax.

Adopt the positive attitude

If your personal well-being is the key to your happiness, you will have to make every effort to ensure that your daily life and your environment is conducive to happiness. In concrete terms, it is your daily attitude that will make you have a good life. In other words, you must make sure to drive out all the black ideas that can be an obstacle to your development. Following a disappointment or failure in any field, you must do a personal job to overcome the ordeal and move on. To do this, only the positive attitude can help you.

Learn from your failures and mistakes, telling yourself that every experience is a life lesson to learn from. Never lose sight of your goal to live happily, so do what you need to do it. Your work is synonymous with stress, so why not find a better way to work calmly without the usual pressure? You have just experienced a sentimental failure? Accept your suffering and take stock of your share of responsibility for the breakup. By reacting objectively, you make sure you see the bright side, allowing you to continue your journey towards happiness.

Trust your instinct

In your quest for happiness, you must also learn to trust your instincts. It is clear that every time you have a decision to make, you have that little inner voice calling into question the legitimacy of your decision. If each time the doubt gnaws at you, as to find another career direction or the future of your relationship, it will be difficult to find happiness. Certainly, to question any decision is a human reflex. However, it is important to overcome it and to think that every decision you take leads to a simple experience.

Rather than having regrets about something you wanted to do and because of this reflex you did not dare to take the plunge, trust your instinct and your first choice, because it's often the one that best fits your expectations and needs. Live happy, so avoid asking too many questions to avoid sowing doubt in you. Be careful, however, not to go headlong into what you are doing, because any decision must be considered.

Identify your needs to simplify your life

On the other hand, when it comes to finding happiness, you first need to be aware of your needs. The inability to know happiness is often born of a feeling of dissatisfaction. In other words, you must be able to identify your real needs and expectations in life to achieve a happy life. In this process, take the time to take stock of all the things that can make you know happiness.

Whether in the personal life or in the professional setting, it is important to find your sources of satisfaction. Then make a detailed assessment of every aspect of your life. The goal of this approach is to simplify life. You need a home, a person who loves you and a job paying enough to cover your expenses, so what more? It must be understood that it is by dint of complicating your life to want something that does not correspond to your expectations and needs that you can not know happiness.

3 tips for living happily every day

In addition to the various tracks mentioned above to know happiness, here are three tips to ensure you live happily every day.

  • Happiness is now, so know how to enjoy every moment of your life. Let go of all that you do not have control and take all that is positive now.
  • Believe in your happiness and always move in this direction, you will see that happiness will come of itself.
  • Finally, happiness is an ability that works, always seeking improvement in everything you do in your life. Be a better partner, a productive employee …

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